Hydrogen Peroxide Barrel Case

Hydrogen Peroxide Vented Barrel Cases

Introducing the Optipak Hydrogen Peroxide Barrel Case – a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your contact lens care routine to new heights. Developed by a leading manufacturer dedicated to excellence and innovation in eye care, this revolutionary hydrogen peroxide barrel case product is poised to redefine the way you maintain your lenses.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Vented Barrel Case is specifically engineered for use with hydrogen peroxide systems, ensuring thorough cleaning and disinfection for optimal eye health. Say goodbye to worries about bacteria and buildup – with this state-of-the-art case, your lenses will always be pristine and ready for wear.

What sets the Vented Contact Lens Barrel Case apart is its innovative vented design, which allows for the safe release of gas produced during the neutralization process. This ingenious feature prevents pressure buildup within the case, providing a secure and controlled environment for your lenses. No more concerns about discomfort or compromised safety – with the Vented Barrel Case, you can enjoy peace of mind with every use.

Equipped with a high-quality neutralizing disc, this case efficiently converts hydrogen peroxide into a gentle saline solution, ensuring that your lenses are free from harmful residues. Experience the unparalleled freshness and clarity that only the Hydrogen Peroxide Barrel Case can deliver.

Whether you’re a dedicated contact lens wearer or a professional in the eye care industry, the Optipak Vented Barrel Case is an indispensable tool for maintaining optimal ocular health. Available at wholesale prices, it’s the perfect addition to any optometry practice, retail establishment, or online store. Provide your customers with the convenience and reliability they deserve while maximizing your profits.

Invest in quality, invest in safety – choose the Optipak vented barrel case for all your contact lens care needs. With its superior design, advanced technology, and unwavering commitment to excellence, it’s the ultimate solution for keeping your lenses clean, clear, and comfortable.

The Optipak manufactured Hydrogen Peroxide Barrel Case is available 10ml and 8ml fill volumes.

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All Optipak product are FDA approved to meet the exceptional hight standards that we set for our entire product range.

Complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

Optipak's lens cases are manufactured under ISO9001 facilities in Portsmouth and Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

We are focusing on going fully ECO in the near future. At present all our products and packaging are fully recyclable.