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Inspiring Amputee Displays Contact Lens Dexterity!

Posted by Optipak_Admin | March 03, 2017

While it’s true that transferring your lenses from contact lens case to eye isn’t the easiest job when you start out, don’t be put off wearing them – you’ll get the hand of it in the end and soon it’ll become second nature.

If you need some evidence of the fact, meet John Lien Margetis a double amputee from Los Angeles who made headline news this week in the likes of the Daily Mail with his amazing technique for putting in his lenses.

Margetis released this video last week, saying “As an amputee, I’m frequently asked how I do things” and the video quickly went viral down to his incredible dexterity.

The video shows him pick up the lens with a pair of tweezers before transferring to the end of his arm, lastly popping them in with a call of ‘ta-da!’

At the time of writing, the video has been watched 75,000 times and YouTube fans are loving getting this perspective on how someone with a disability may have to innovate in putting in contact lenses.

Margetis was born with congenital amputations of both arms, but clearly has evolved his own ways of doing everyday tasks.

His YouTube channel also features videos such as writing, typing and riding a bike so far, but now, with some viral fame on his side, we’re surely going to see more incredible videos from him.

This video is inspiring in lots of ways, least of all as a good example to those moaning that they can’t get their contacts in at first.