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How To Handle Allergies When Wearing Contact Lenses

Posted by Optipak_Admin | February 02, 2017

With spring and summer just a matter of weeks away, no doubt there are many people out there who do suffer from allergies like hayfever who are already worrying about how they’re going to make it through the seasons while wearing their contact lenses.

It can be so hard dealing with allergies when you’ve got contacts in and your eyes are constantly streaming and your nose itching. You can’t rub your eyes or you could end up flipping your contacts out or even damaging your eyes. What is really important is that you remember to clean your eyes and your contacts before and after putting them in. This will help to get rid of any debris and allergens in your eyes and contacts, so they’re far less likely to react.

It might also be a good idea to use allergy drops in your eyes before you put your contacts in. If you’d like some advice on this before buying, make an appointment with your GP or with your optometrist and see what they would recommend using.

In addition, using daily disposable contacts is another good way of protecting yourself if you do suffer from allergies really badly. You might think that monthly contacts are better and more cost-effective, but if you’re having real difficulty seeing and are constantly wanting to rub your eyes, dailies are probably better. Failing that, switching back to glasses until your allergies calm down might also be a good idea.

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