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Cut Screen Time To Reduce Likelihood Of Eye Damage

Posted by Optipak_Admin | January 01, 2017

Whether you wear contact lenses, glasses or don’t need anything, there’s one thing we all need to do less of – and that’s look at screens.

This is according to new research conducted at University Complutense in Madrid, Spain. The Daily Mail reported on the findings, which reveal that our eyes are being irreversibly damaged by the high energy light emitted by digital screens.

The study found that this light damages retinas, and has prompted fears that more people could lose their sight as they get older as a result of high digital screen use.

In particular, there are concerns for children who are exposed to such technology from incredibly young ages.

Dr Ceila Sanchez-Ramos, lead researcher, told the newspaper: “It is paramount for adults and parents to act now and protect themselves from further damage.”

As a result of the findings, Dr Sanchez-Ramos has developed a filter known as Reticare, which changes the frequency of the light emitted by screens to make it far less damaging.

The use of tablets is particularly damaging for children’s eyes, because they hold the devices closer to their faces than adults do, and as a result receive three times more short wavelength light, which is what causes the damage.

Scientists around the world are increasingly examining our lifestyles to see how screen time harms our health, and what can be done to combat it. Last year, a new contact lens to combat digital eye fatigue was released.

Of course, if you wear contact lenses, make sure you take good care of them. Storing them in a proper contact lense case is one way to ensure they are always safe for you to wear.