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Boots Calls For Better Education And Training For Children’s Eye Health

Posted by Optipak_Admin | November 11, 2016

Boots Opticians has released a green paper that emphasises the need for better children’s eye health education and training in the UK.

It based its document on research that revealed a quarter of parents have never taken their children for an eye test, while many wrongly believe their kids’ sight is being assessed at school.

The green paper, entitled ‘Seeing the future’, calls on policy-makers, the government and those who work in the optical sector to provide better training on eye health to professionals working with youngsters; a mandatory screening programme for children aged four to five; improved education for parents and carers; and changes to the NHS voucher scheme to help young people access the correction solutions they need, including additional glasses and contact lens cases campaign to encourage parents to get their children’s eyesight checked to detect any problems they might have with their vision.