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Soap Opera Raises Awareness Of Elderly Blindness

Posted by Optipak_Admin | November 11, 2016

Soaps are famous for addressing issues that face the public every day, and one that has caught the nation’s interest recently is the topic of going blind in old age.

EastEnders, which is no stranger to controversial subjects, is currently handling a storyline involving its loveable long-term resident Dorothy Cotton. In episodes that aired earlier this week, it has been revealed that Dot, as she is affectionately known, has been worried she is going blind .

The character, played by 89-year-old June Brown, was confronted by her good friend Patrick, who was worried her eyesight was deteriorating.

He did not know the extent of her failing vision though, as she confessed to him she thinks she is losing her sight altogether.

After panicking about her revelation, she kicked him out of her house. After this, the programme revealed how serious her problem is when the camera showed a glimpse of her poor vision and the scene became badly blurred with a dark black spot in the centre.

This may have been a ‘floater’, a large spot in the field of vision. While some people are not affected by floaters and can see perfectly fine without treatment, in some cases, they are an indication there has been a retinal tear or detachment.

If left untreated, the retina will pull away from the blood vessels that provide it with nutrients, and it requires surgery to re-attach it. Without this, the NHS confirms that “total loss of vision is almost certain”.

However, it remains uncertain the extent of Dot’s eyesight loss, and whether her vision can be saved or not.

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