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Opticians Urge Parents To Check Kids’ Eyesight Now Back At School

Posted by Optipak_Admin | September 09, 2016

The new school year has just begun and one thing parents up and down the country should be doing as well as ironing new school uniform and buying stationery is getting their children’s eyes tested.

This comes after the College of Optometrists recently released research that showed more than a quarter of children have never had their eyesight checked.

Opticians all over the UK are now advising mothers and fathers to see if their youngsters have poor vision, as this can cause lots of problems in the classroom, including the inability to concentrate or see the board.

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian, store director of Specsavers based in Golden Square, Warrington, said: “Undetected problems with vision can damage a child’s confidence and performance.”

She told parents to look out for poor handwriting, low-attention spans or falling behind peers at school, as these are indications of problems with vision.

While adults will go to the opticians when they begin struggling with their eyesight, children are much more likely to hide their difficulties.

However, eye tests are free for those under the age of 16 in full-time education, so there is no excuse not to take your little ones to get checked regularly.

Earlier this year, a fifth of children were found to have possible vision problems when taking part in a free screening programme for schools set up by Boots Opticians, Optometry Today reported.

Managing director of Boots Opticians Ben Fletcher stated that 80 per cent of what a child learns is through visual stimulus, so making sure their eye sight is good will help “all children reach their full potential”.

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