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3 Ways You Can Customize Your Cute Contact Lens Cases. Contact lens case

Posted by Optipak_Admin | April 04, 2016

Have you ever gone out in public with your contact lens case and felt like it did not really “fit” your personality? Well, there are actually many ways that you can customize your contact lens case to suit your personality. Read on to find out three ways that you can customize your contact lens cases.
1. Glue Rhine Stones On it
Whether you have Rhine stones that are stick and peel or actual Rhine stones that you would have to glue on manually, they make a great addition to a contact lens cases. So long as you properly maintain your contact lens case and do not let it drop a lot, some Rhine stones should suit your customization of the case quite nicely. You can use sticker gems, too, but if you really want to go in style, then use some real Rhine stones.
2. Re-color it
If you have a special dye kit or you use safe food coloring, then you can re-color your contact lens case. Normally they come in green and white, but you can change the color to anything that you want. Whether it is purple, red, blue, orange or pink, you will get the color that you want if you so choose. Look online for some resources that teach you how to dye miscellaneous materials and you will surely find a method that works.
3. Engrave Your Name onto it
While this option might seem a little pricey, it does well for you if you are in the habit of losing your contact lens case very often. If you have your name on the case, then no one will need to check with you if the contact lens case on the sink is theirs or yours. On top of this, if someone does use your contact lenses by accident, then you can show them the engraving on the bottom and tell them that those contacts are definitely yours.
If you lose the case at school, then you will most likely get it back. Your chances are more likely to get it back, of course, because your name is on it. You could use stickers or labels or some other form to get your name onto the contact lens case, but with all of the solution splashing around the case, it is probably a good idea to just carve it in there.
Customizing your contact lens case is not for everyone, of course, but for the few who carry their contact lens case everywhere and want it to be stylized, then you can’t go wrong with using one or two of these tips. The next time that you are out and about, consider stopping at a store and picking up some accessories for your contact lens case. You could even go to your local eye store or eye doctor and ask if they have some things to decorate contact lens cases with. Good luck with your customization and, most importantly, have fun with this. Make your contact lens as fabulous as you are.Contact lens cases.