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Top 3 Things To Pack For The Beach When You Wear Contacts

Posted by Optipak_Admin | March 03, 2016

Are you planning an exciting trip to the beach? Do you happen to wear contacts? Do you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent without worrying about trivial things? Well then, you have come to the right place, because here is where you can find the top three things to pack for the beach when you wear contacts.
1. Contact Solution
If you plan on wearing your contacts to the beach, then you will need contact solution. This is in case you want to take your contact lenses out and put them back in the case. It is also for sanitary purposes because the contacts will definitely have a lot of gunk on them when you take them off. This will especially be the case if you went in the water with your contacts. Hopefully they did not float off.
2. Contact Lens Case
Along with the contact solution, this is necessary if you plan on taking your contacts out of your eyes. Without a place to carry your contacts in, you will have no choice but to continue wearing your contact lenses, even if your eyes sting from the salt water or are irritated by the sand. Definitely bring your contact lens case along and do not forget it because if you do, it is unlikely that any place on the beach will be selling contact lens cases.
3. Hand Sanitizer
You should always wash your hands before you handle your contacts. There are normally bathrooms on the beach, but chances are that you might not want to travel all the way over there just to take your contacts out. If you have enough experience taking your contacts out and then putting them back in, you should be able to take them out right there on the beach.
Although this is not the safest or wisest measure, it does in a pinch. Use the hand sanitizer to sanitize any bacteria on your hands before touching your eye and rolling the contact down. Once you take it off, make sure that there is no sand on the contact lens. Hold it tightly and spray it with some contact solution before putting it into the contact case. Make sure the contact case is filled up before you put the caps back on, though.
Contact lenses can be obnoxious to wear and you should not open your eyes underwater with them on, but they are great for allowing you to actually see on the beach without worrying about getting sand and scratches all over your glasses. So long as you pack your contact solution and contact lens case for emergencies along with hand sanitizer in case you can’t make it to the bathroom or there simply isn’t one (highly unlikely, but), you should be fine when you are on the beach with your contact lenses. Practice wearing your contact lenses safely as well as taking them out safely before you go to the beach and you should be just fine. Good luck.