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Why You Should Only Use A Microfiber Cloth For Your Glasses

Posted by Optipak_Admin | March 03, 2016

If you have some really bad vision, then chances are that you probably have a pair of glasses, Whether you wear them all the time or not is a different story, but whether you are stowing them away for a long period of time or you wear them every single day, you have to maintain them. By using a microfiber cloth, you can easily get the dirt off of your glasses every day without scratching them. Here is why you should only use a microfiber cloth for your glasses.
It is Extremely Soft
A microfiber cloth is as smooth as a baby’s butt and as soft as the fur on a fluffy cat. Using one is easy and it will prevent any scratches on your glasses while you clean them. Glasses are expensive and having scratches on the lenses could impair your vision and result in repairs being made later on. Avoid the expenses and use a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses.
It is Designed to Clean
Microfiber easily picks up dirt on glass and keeps it in its microfibers. These clothes are designed to clean glasses and they will even pick up dirt that is caked into the glasses, although you might have to use some force in order to get that dirt up. A microfiber cloth should come with your glasses. They are generally given out with each new pair of glasses that someone orders. Otherwise, you could probably pick one up at your local drug store.
They Are Inexpensive
Instead of buying a bottle of Windex and trying to clean the glasses like you tend to clean all other glass surfaces, save your money and buy a microfiber cloth. It will last for a long time and it is cheap. Most of the time, it comes free with your glasses. Utilize the free promotion and use it as often as you can. After all, the staff of the eye store would not give you a microfiber cloth to use for no apparent reason.
They Are Convenient
All you have to do in order to clean your glasses is take the microfiber cloth out of your case and wipe your glasses down really quickly. If you maintain them over time, then they really should not get too dirty. This will make them relatively easy to clean and it will help each microfiber cloth last longer.
Microfiber cloths are a convenient, highly effective tool to use when cleaning your glasses. They are inexpensive and normally come for free with your glasses, so you will not have to worry about picking up a special type of cleaner for your glasses unless you really want to. Maintain your glasses so that you can use your microfiber cloth for a long time to come. The less large piles of dirt that the cloth has to pick up, the better. Take care of your glasses with a microfiber cloth and they will most certainly take care of you in the long run.