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3 Unique Stocking Stuffers for Someone with Contacts

Posted by Optipak_Admin | March 03, 2016

With holidays always coming toward the end of the year, ideas for new gifts can become scarce since things are either too expensive or highly unattainable. Now, you have two options for gifts: you can give the bigger, more expensive gift and you can buy a small amount of little gifts to stick into a stocking for fun.
When you have reached the bottom of a short wish list yet you know that the person you want to purchase for is grateful with whatever you get them, then buying accessories for them to use on a daily basis is perfect!
So just before you give up and try to get them that pack of socks and underwear, here are three (3) unique stocking stuffers for someone with contacts that can get you out of a tight jam.
First thing is a new set of contact cases. Contact cases can come in handy when you have one at home, and one on their person when they travel. Not that it is suggested to do so, but one in the car even can come in handy in a dire emergency. In the case that the original case breaks or is lost, this can come in handy. And you never know, maybe that have been looking to replace their cases but never said anything to not bother someone else for something so small. Also, you can get the newest, stylish key chain sports carriers that are available for the newest contact cases. They come in different colors and are made of different textures.
Another thing that you can get someone that wears contacts as a stocking stuffer is and bigger bottle of solution for the contacts. If not a bigger bottle, many smaller bottles. Having many bottles can definitely help for any situation! Someone who wears contacts constantly will take advantage and use up their normal bottles at a quick pace to keep their eyes fresh. So essentially using this as a stocking stuffer is a great idea!
In addition to the contact solution, another thing that you can use as a stocking stuffer that can come in small multiples is eye drops! There are many different types of drops for different types of eyes. Usually, your most basic drops will do, but for Christmas (or Chanukah’s or Kwanza or whatever you celebrate) this will be a good time to spend a bit more and get the good stuff.
Here at Optipak, we carry a good amount of items to help you stuff that stocking and let the person you love that you are not only thinking of their wellbeing, but you are looking out for their visual health as well. We have different types of case holders that will be able to assist you with your purchase options. Even our novelty 3D cases are a great stocking stuffer for the younger people in your life. Check out our site for more information about contact cases, solutions and accessories at https://optipak.net/. Call us soon!