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3 Ways to Look More Successful When Wearing a Pair of Glasses

Posted by Optipak_Admin | February 02, 2016

Stereotypes can be either good or bad, but you can actually use the good stereotypes to your advantage. One common stereotype about glasses is that the individual wearing them has a higher level of intelligence, and while poor eyesight is not scientifically an indicator of this, you can still use this association to your benefit!
1. Choose the Right Frames
There is a great variety of face sizes, face shapes, and eye shapes among people, so you need to be sure that the frames you are picking are the right ones for your face. An ill-fitting pair of glasses can completely shoot down the successful look you are aiming for, so be sure to choose frames that highlight your best features and also have a professional look to them. Depending on the structure of your face, you may be better off with rimless glasses or with less subtle, thick-rimmed glasses. The key is to choose a pair of glasses that provides you with the confidence you need to give off that successful demeanor.
2. Act the Part
Multiple studies show that people who wear glasses are perceived as having higher intelligence and success. Use this perception to your benefit by acting the part, even if you haven’t achieved all your goals yet. If you hold your head high and walk with confidence, this will enforce people’s assumption that you have the intelligence and success that is associated with wearing glasses. Next time someone you wish to impress comes around, sit up straight and get to work doing something that keeps you busy, so that they notice you have focus and determination regarding your work. Maintain eye contact when meeting someone new, and provide a firm handshake. These basics are tips you can use even if you don’t wear glasses, but they are especially important if you are seeking to maintain the stereotype associated with glasses.
3. Add On to the “Successful” Look
Dressing professionally and keeping your hair fixed nicely is another way to enforce this idea in professional situations such as the workplace. As much as the idea is discouraged, most people assume a lot from the outward appearance of individuals they are meeting for the first time. The best way to influence the people you meet to see you as being successful and having your life together is to dress and appear like that’s true. This means more than just the clothes you wear, but also hygiene, hair, and posture. You can either disguise a nice pair of glasses behind sloppy hair and clothes, or dress them up to reinforce the ideas of success and a put-together life.
In order to look more successful when wearing glasses, the key is to choose the right frames for your face, and to look and act the part as well. These tips will assist you in the workplace, college classrooms, and anywhere else you are looking to make a positive impression!