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7 Tips for Handling Contact Lenses

Posted by Optipak_Admin | February 02, 2016

1. Wash Your Hands First
Be sure you have washed and dried your hands before handling your contacts, as anything you get on the contact lens could irritate your eyes. You will want to use soap that is free of perfume and scents, as these additions could harm your eyes.
2. Clean With Fresh Solution
Every time you remove your lenses, clean and disinfect them with the solution provided or suggested by your eye care professional. It is important that you don’t use other types of liquid, such as tap water or saliva, to re-wet or clean your lenses. Also, re-using contact lens solution is a bad idea, as all of the disinfecting capabilities are gone after the first use.
3. Find a Good Case
For quality contact lens cases that fit your need, check out all of the options available online at Optipak, where they specialize in every kind of lens case you could want or need. You can even order a specialized contact lens case to set your case apart from all the rest!
4. Don’t Wear Your Lens Overnight
This leaves your eyes more vulnerable to infection as you are closing your eyelids and shutting off the flow of oxygen. Each night, you should get into a habit of removing your lenses and putting them in your case with fresh solution, so that they’ll be ready for you when you wake up in the morning.
5. Replace Your Contact Lens
Your eye care professional should suggest a time period for you to change out contact lenses, and be sure to follow his or her suggestion carefully. They are concerned for the health of your eyes and their recommendations are to keep you in top condition! Pushing the suggested date further and further back may open up your risk to infection and eye issues.
6. Remove Immediately if You Feel Discomfort or Pain
Redness, swelling, blurry vision, or any other strange symptoms are reasons to contact your eye care professional and have him or her diagnose the issue. There may be some reason that specific contact lens is not working together properly with your eyes, and you need to diagnose the issue before risking potential damage to your eyes.
7. Get Regular Eye Exams
This is to ensure that the contact lenses are not harming your eyes in any way, and to make sure you have the right prescription for your eye sight as it changes throughout the years. A regular check-up is a good way to make sure there are no signs of on-coming infection or damage, as your eye care professional will be able to examine your eyes for any signs of this.
The key to handling contact lenses is to get into a good routine with habits that keep your lenses in top shape, as this directly impacts the health of your eyes. This means storing your contact lenses in a top quality contact lens case, so check out the selection available at Optipak to find the right option for you!