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Reasons to Choose Contacts Over Glasses

Posted by Optipak_Admin | February 02, 2016

Your own personal preference and style may come into play when deciding whether to wear contact lenses or glasses, but there are many reasons why you should consider contacts! They offer many benefits that just aren’t the same with glasses, such as exercise, field of vision, lack of fog, and other advantages!
Sports and Exercise
With any sport or workout routine, glasses just get in the way and present potential risks to the wearer. When wearing contacts, you can run or play sports with no worries of your glasses sliding off or getting hit by a ball or person. For any athlete, contacts offer a multitude of benefits to make their exercise routines less of a hassle. This is why many professional athletes prefer contacts over glasses when performing at whatever they do best!
Wider Field of Vision
Contact lenses conform to the shape of your eye, and don’t have all the obstructive materials that glasses do, which allows for an uninterrupted view of whatever you are looking at. No more sliding your glasses up and down to see properly out of them. Instead, have a wider field of vision at all times with contacts! You will have great peripheral vision than you ever did with glasses, and no more blind spots that the frames of the glasses block or intrude on.
No More Fog
Have you ever taken a sip of a hot drink, and then had your glasses fog up completely? Or perhaps you stepped outside on a cold day and suddenly couldn’t see through the glasses lens! With contacts, you can drink all the hot drinks you want and still be able to see properly! They won’t be affected by temperature changes or the rain and snow, so you will be able to avoid that hassle in whatever climate you live in.
Show Off those Eyes
When wearing glasses, your eyes are often hidden behind thick frames, so people can’t see your natural eyes! Contacts don’t detract from the natural beauty of your eyes, but rather take away the obstruction from your face so that people can see you better!
Additional Eyewear Available
If you wear contacts, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of buying prescription sunglasses to swap out for your regular glasses. You’ll be able to wear goggles and any other eye wear that otherwise would have just been an annoyance when wearing glasses.
Relief from the Weight
At the very least, by choosing contacts over glasses, you will experience relief from the both of glasses and all the annoyances that they may present. You won’t have to deal with the glasses sliding down your nose constantly, or making your head hurt from the way they sit on your ears.
There are also benefits to wearing glasses, which is why many individuals still choose to wear them, but the advantages of contacts are incomparable when considering all the different scenarios in which they benefit the user. To protect and care for your contacts, find a quality contact lens case from Optipak that best fits your preferences!