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Why Flat Contact Lens Cases Rule

Posted by Optipak_Admin | January 01, 2016

Most contact lenses are rounded and bumpy so that there is space to store your contact lenses with sterilization liquid. However, flat contact lens cases are the way of the future. They make the contact lenses easier to store when you are traveling. Continue reading to find out more about flat contact lens cases and why they are just so great.
They Are Easier to Carry
Regular contact lens cases are bumpy and can be difficult to carry in your bag with you. If you want something nice, simple and safe to carry around in your bag, then choose a flat contact lens case. It will free up space in your bag and it will also make it easier to carry your contact lenses around with you.
They Open Less Easily
Regular contact lens cases tend to have screw on tops whereas flat contact lens cases mostly have snap tops. The snap tops make it more difficult for the lens case to open so that the sterilization solution and contact lenses won’t spill out of the case. You definitely don’t want to open your bag only to find out that it’s not only wet, but your contact lenses are also unusable.
They Can Be Disposable
Flat contact lens cases tend to be the types that you can dispose of easily. This is good if you are on a tight budget and you have long term contact lenses. If your contact lenses last about one month, then you can replace your contact lens case every month or so. If your contact lenses last six months, then you might want to buy a longer term flat contact lens case. The decision is ultimately yours, but long term contact lens cases tend to be a little more expensive than their disposable, short term counterparts.
No Stuck Screw Caps
As previously stated, flat contact lens cases tend to have screw tops. The screw caps tend to get stuck when you are trying to open the contact lens case to put your contact lenses in. If you are short on time for that particular day, then having a locked cap could cause a precious minute to be wasted. With snap tops, the case will easily open and you can just pop your contact lenses into your eyes and be on your merry way to work or wherever it is that you’re headed.
Flat contact lens cases rule because they are flat, small and fit in your purse or bag more easily than round contact lens cases. Along with this, they have snap tops so that you don’t want have to deal with the frustrating screw caps on the round contact lens cases. Finally, flat contact lens cases come in disposable versions. Therefore, you can easily replace the contact lens case after using a certain pair of contact lenses for an extended period of time. This reduces the amount of bacteria and contamination factors involved with wearing contact lenses. Make sure to take care of your contact lens cases regardless of which model you get.