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Design Ideas for a Customized Contact Lens Case

Posted by Optipak_Admin | November 11, 2015

Are you tired of your bland, boring, contact lens case? Do you sometimes look at them and wonder what it would feel like to whip out a uniquely made case; and have your fellow colleagues gawk and ask you questions about it? It can be tough to come up with unique ideas for a contact lens case. If you happen to just so be one of these people, you are in luck because in this article you will learn about a handful of unique contact lens cases ideas that will surely catch the attention of your friends, family, and colleagues.

1) Owl Eyes.

Contact lenses are traditionally made in the shape of two perfectly round circles. Now, imagine that both of these circles are transformed into super cute owl eyes! Not only will this catch the attention of others when your whip your case out, it will definitely become a conversation starter. This case would be ideal for the person who simply loves owls and wants to spruce up their contact lens case collection.

2) Cupcakes.

Do you have a nagging sweet tooth you can barely get away from? If you love sweets, having a cupcake themed contact lens case would be ideal and a super cute accent to add to your collection of accessories! If you are not a huge fan of cupcakes, any other circular treat shall do. Just make sure to not eat it!

3) Piano case.

If you consider yourself a true virtuoso and a wonderful piano player, this case is literally for you. Picture your lenses case as a small piano. Once you open it, on the inside it will have two separate cups for you contact lenses. This case is ideal for the aspiring pianist.

4) Lady Bugs.

Instead of having just a simple, traditional and boring contact lense case owning a lady bug themed one is 10x cooler! Impress your friends with a cute, accented contact lens case that will be the envy of those with basic, boring ones.

5) Animals

You can pretty much transform any regular old contact lens case into a spectacular animal themed contact lens case. This idea is perfect for pet owners; you can make dog, fish, cat, bunny, even spider cases! It does not even have to stop there, if you have any kind of favorite animal, you could also pick that. It can range from big to small. Elephants, panda bears, tigers, or even dolphins are acceptable!

6) Bedazzle them!

If you are the type of person that loves to personally customize, has to have something glittery, flashy, and super eye-catching then bedazzling your contact lens case is a perfect idea for you. The possibilities are endless on this one, you can bedazzle things like your initials, your zodiac sign, your birthdate, your shoe size, your age, your name (if you use super small rhinestones), your favorite color, this list could go on forever! Have at it and have fun with it.

7) Sports

Here is a more masculine idea for you all. Any type of sport will do, whether you are a huge soccer fan, a total football junkie, or a heavy baseball enthusiast, this idea works well on any type of sport with a ball involved.

You can come up with so many more ideas; hopefully this article helped spark up some creativity for you, and helped inspire you to customize your own lens case!