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3 Fashionable Ideas for Contact Lens Cases

Posted by Optipak_Admin | August 08, 2015

The convenience of wearing contact lenses can far outweigh that of glasses. You don’t have to worry about them falling off and breaking like eyeglasses. Contact lenses tend to remain in your eyes until you take them out and are much sturdier than glasses. One of the drawbacks of choosing contact lenses over eyeglasses is the cute carrying cases you get to take along. While you won’t find as many options for contact carrying cases, there are plenty to choose from on the market. When choosing which contact case to purchase, you need decide what will be fashionable and functional all at the same time. Here are three ideas to help you in your search for the perfect contact carrying case.

Three Tier Eyeglass and Contact Case

Clearly one of the most fashionable and functional contact cases on the market is the three tier eyeglass and contact case. The outside of the case comes in either black or red depending on your preference. If it is too plain for you, you can always add a decal to help dress it up. It is made of faux leather and is completely durable. You don’t have to worry about anything inside breaking should you accidently drop it. Inside, the case is more than functional. You have several compartments making it easy to keep everything organized. On one side, you are able to store your glasses where they will be kept safe and free from scratches. The other side you can store your contact lenses. On the contact lens side, the case comes with two vials where you can keep your solution, a pair of tweezers, a small contact lens case, and a mirror. This is everything you need when you are on the go and need to carry your eyewear with you.

Contact Solution Contact Travel Case

This is by far one of the most fashionable contact cases on the market. You have the option of choosing between four different colors including orange, blue, green, or purple. The colors are bright and you will have no problem spotting the case buried in your luggage. If you plan on traveling a lot, you will definitely want to have this case with you. Not only is this case fashionable, but it is very functional as well. In fact, you can pour your contact solution into the case and press a button to have it fill up your contacts. The solution will help keep your contacts moist for several weeks. Even better is that this case is TSA approved so you will have no problem carrying it onto your flight.

Kabaclip Contact Lens Case 3-PACK

If you are looking for something a little smaller and a little more transferable, you will love the Kabaclip contact lens case. These small cases clip right onto your contact solution bottle making it easy for you to carry everything together in one hand. The 3 pack case offers several different colors so you can mix and match based on your mood.