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Best Cleaners for Contact Lenses

Posted by Optipak_Admin | August 08, 2015

Every lucky visually impaired individual has had their moment when getting their contacts for the first time. They know exactly what this “moment” is referring to—learning how to clean and care for your contact lenses. Everyone’s favorite routine all thanks to no wanting to wear glasses (granted, some people just live a life where wearing glasses make it impossible to do the things they usually do). Though many contact wears don’t follow the routine step-by-step, and be honest with yourself, it goes unsaid that it’s all in the solution and the cleaner.


When some people go for getting the generic brand contact solution or cleaner, they’re playing a game of Russian roulette with their own vision. The truth is you don’t really know what you’re getting with a generic brand. Nine times out of ten, it’s best to stick with whatever the doctor recommends. If he says that this specific brand will be the best for your eyes, then that’s most likely true. However, if it doesn’t work for you, then what are the best cleaners for contact lenses? Well, look no further! Check out the list below for a few of the best cleaners out there.


  1. Lobob Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner

One of the most top-rated cleaners on Amazon, people rave about its ability to work on their particular sensitive eyes without triggering their allergies. One of the best features of this cleaner, as according to the reviews is its phenomenal ability to remove any deposits and keep the contacts clean throughout the day.

  1. Clean Care 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Triple Action Cleaning

Being hydrogen peroxide-based, it will require a neutralization process after disinfecting the lens, and before you put them in. The reason for this is because even though it is very effective in disinfecting your lenses, it can cause eye injury as hydrogen peroxide to your cornea. However, they are preservative-free and are popular among people who may be sensitive to any preservatives found in the solution.

  1. Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multipurpose Solution

A pH-balance, multi-purpose cleaner designed to be just like your natural tears, meaning it’s meant for people who are cursed with dry and sensitive eyes. This cleaner will help in the prevention of certain tear proteins denaturing, and will fight germs to ensure healthy contact wear.
These three cleaners cover basic types of cleaners you should explore before going for the cheaper, generic brand you have your eyes on. The adjustment you should make is to keep your eyes away from the price tag, and to keep it on what’s in the cleaner and if you want that in your eyes. Examine the types of eyes you have too. Do you have an unfortunate case of dry eyes? Do they get red easily, or irritated? Are there any allergies you need to worry about, or have addressed with your doctor? All of these little details play into buying the perfect cleaner for you. Don’t ignore how your body reacts to something, and always do research before making a purchase.