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The Importance of a Durable and Clean Contact Lens Case

Posted by Optipak_Admin | June 06, 2015

If you wear contact lenses, it is important to keep them in a contact lens case when not in use or when sleeping. Many people choose to buy a cheap contact lens case instead of buying one that is more durable and keeping the case for years. A contact lens case should only be used for about three months before it needs to be replaced. This is important in order to have a clean contact lens case, which will in turn keep your contact lenses clean and your eyes healthy.

Avoid Discomfort
Having a durable and clean contact lens case with you at all times is important in case of an emergency. If you lose a contact lens or your lenses are beginning to irritate you, you will want to have a case handy. You can store an extra pair of contact lenses in your case, as well as new solution to clean off any dirt or irritants that might get in your eye. If the contact lenses you are already wearing start to become dry or uncomfortable, you can store them in your case. Sometimes, people have trouble keeping up with constant sanitation of contact lenses, which is why many choose to use a contact lens case for daily lenses. Daily lenses are disposed of after 24-hour use and contact lens cases are always clean because they are only getting used once. No matter which type of contact lenses you choose, you should always keep the case clean for the safety of your eyes.

Prevent Eye Infections
It is common for unclean contact lens cases to be the cause of eye infections. People tend to forgo cleaning the lens case daily, which means bacteria and dirt ends up sitting in the contact lenses overnight. When cleaning your contact lens case, make sure that you are cleaning it with contact lens solution, not water. Water can be absorbed into the lenses, making them thicker and may distort your vision. It is also important to let your contact lens case dry completely before storing your lenses inside. Remember to replace your contact lens case after three months, whether or not you follow these daily cleaning tips. You want to make sure that you are doing the most to keep your eyes healthy, especially since eye infections can be uncomfortable or dangerous.

Keep Lenses Clean
The simplest and most important reason to have a durable and clean contact lens case is to keep your contact lenses clean. In addition to helping prevent eye infections, having a protective case that lasts a long time will keep lenses feeling comfortable each time you use them. A contact lens case will keep lenses from drying out, which will lead to eye irritation, as well as prevent dirt and other irritants from getting into the lenses and your eyes. Dirt can cause small scratches in the lenses, which may not be visible to the eye, but will undoubtedly cause annoyance.

Ask your optometrist how to keep up with daily cleaning of your contact lenses and your case so that you can be sure that you are keeping your eyes healthy. Once you are ready to buy a durable contact lens case, check out Optipak’s website. They have a large selection of cases depending on your style and needs. Optipak makes sure to only provide FDA approved contact lens cases to their customers, which are much better for your eyes than cheap cases.