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With holidays always coming toward the end of the year, ideas for new gifts can become scarce since things are either too expensive or highly unattainable. Now, you have two options for gifts: you can give the bigger, more expensive gift and you can buy a small amount of little gifts to stick into a stocking for fun.
When you have reached the bottom of a short wish list yet you know that the person you want to purchase for is grateful with whatever you get them, then buying accessories for them to use on a daily basis is perfect!
So just before you give up and try to get them that pack of socks and underwear, here are three (3) unique stocking stuffers for someone with contacts that can get you out of a tight jam.
First thing is a new set of contact cases. Contact cases can come in handy when you have one at home, and one on their person when they travel. Not that it is suggested to do so, but one in the car even can come in handy in a dire emergency. In the case that the original case breaks or is lost, this can come in handy. And you never know, maybe that have been looking to replace their cases but never said anything to not bother someone else for something so small. Also, you can get the newest, stylish key chain sports carriers that are available for the newest contact cases. They come in different colors and are made of different textures.
Another thing that you can get someone that wears contacts as a stocking stuffer is and bigger bottle of solution for the contacts. If not a bigger bottle, many smaller bottles. Having many bottles can definitely help for any situation! Someone who wears contacts constantly will take advantage and use up their normal bottles at a quick pace to keep their eyes fresh. So essentially using this as a stocking stuffer is a great idea!
In addition to the contact solution, another thing that you can use as a stocking stuffer that can come in small multiples is eye drops! There are many different types of drops for different types of eyes. Usually, your most basic drops will do, but for Christmas (or Chanukah’s or Kwanza or whatever you celebrate) this will be a good time to spend a bit more and get the good stuff.
Here at Optipak, we carry a good amount of items to help you stuff that stocking and let the person you love that you are not only thinking of their wellbeing, but you are looking out for their visual health as well. We have different types of case holders that will be able to assist you with your purchase options. Even our novelty 3D cases are a great stocking stuffer for the younger people in your life. Check out our site for more information about contact cases, solutions and accessories at http://optipak.net/. Call us soon!

Finding the right gift for the traveler in your life can be difficult. You need to pick a gift that is easy to pack, practical to use, and can be used repeatedly. The most important thing to remember when shopping for a gift for a traveler is that the gift you choose should reflect the person’s style while also being functional and small enough to stash in a carryon bag or small luggage. Once you find the right gift, you can personalize it by buying it in the traveler’s favorite color or buying an accessory to match.

Contact Lens Case

If the traveler in your life wears contacts, buying them a contact lens case as a gift is a great idea. They can use the case to store an extra pair of lenses, which will inevitably come in handy during late night flights or weekend trips. Instead of being forced to travel with a pair of eyeglasses in case he or she loses their contact lenses, a contact lens case is the perfect gift. Optipak even makes contact lens cases that fit inside of a bumper case, which has a carry strap connected to it. This strap is good for clipping the contact lens case onto a toiletry bag or inside of a carryon bag so he or she knows exactly where to find their contact lenses. The flexible material makes it easier to travel with and will not snap if the carryon bag is bent or squished. Optipak even offers contact lens cases with mirrors so that changing the lenses is a much easier task.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

One thing many travelers must go through is traveling by plane, which is usually an uncomfortable experience. In addition to uncomfortable seats, bothersome neighbors, and not so tasty food, a traveler must also deal with the noise from other passengers. Buying the traveler in your life noise cancelling headphones is a great way to make sure that they get some peace and quiet while traveling. Noise cancelling headphones will block out all external noise, giving the traveler the option to focus on work, sleep, or enjoy entertainment like music or a movie quietly. Noise cancelling headphones can be easily stored, however if you are worried he or she might not like over the ear headphones, you can always buy him or her noise cancelling ear buds. Noise cancelling ear buds are just as effective as headphones and can be stored in much smaller carryon bags.

Portable Keyboard

If the traveler in your life is a workaholic or spends a lot of time on his or her tablet, buying them a portable keyboard is the way to go. A portable keyboard can connect to a tablet wirelessly or by attaching it to the bottom of the tablet and can be used for many activities. Some people find it hard to work on a tablet just by using a touchscreen, while others like the idea of using their tablet like a mini laptop. With a portable keyboard, a traveler can take their tablet with them instead of trying to haul their laptop back and forth. Portable keyboards are flexible and can usually be rolled up, which makes them easier to store.

No matter how frequently the traveler in your life goes on business trips or a vacation, buying them the right gift makes all the difference. He or she will be able to use your gift for a long time and will appreciate the thought you put into it. To make the gift even more special, you can add an accessory like a new tablet, carrying case, or microfiber cloth to highlight the above gifts.

Optipak produced a Specsavers branded flat topped DigiCase for us as a promotions giveaway. The campaign was really well received and the service from Optipak was extremely professional. Thank you.
Werner Ingram - MarketingSpecsavers SA
Optipak produced a fully customised and branded DigiCase for our Spanish and Portuguese markets which was produced and delivered well within our specified budget and time line.
Luis Martinez - MarketingGeneral & Mias Optical
Optipak answered our brief accuratly and were able to provide us with a fully customised and branded retail pack for our Acuvue Oasys brand which was extremely well recieved by our customer base.
S Kavvalos - key accountsJohnson & Johnson Vison
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