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Are you planning an exciting trip to the beach? Do you happen to wear contacts? Do you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent without worrying about trivial things? Well then, you have come to the right place, because here is where you can find the top three things to pack for the beach when you wear contacts.
1. Contact Solution
If you plan on wearing your contacts to the beach, then you will need contact solution. This is in case you want to take your contact lenses out and put them back in the case. It is also for sanitary purposes because the contacts will definitely have a lot of gunk on them when you take them off. This will especially be the case if you went in the water with your contacts. Hopefully they did not float off.
2. Contact Lens Case
Along with the contact solution, this is necessary if you plan on taking your contacts out of your eyes. Without a place to carry your contacts in, you will have no choice but to continue wearing your contact lenses, even if your eyes sting from the salt water or are irritated by the sand. Definitely bring your contact lens case along and do not forget it because if you do, it is unlikely that any place on the beach will be selling contact lens cases.
3. Hand Sanitizer
You should always wash your hands before you handle your contacts. There are normally bathrooms on the beach, but chances are that you might not want to travel all the way over there just to take your contacts out. If you have enough experience taking your contacts out and then putting them back in, you should be able to take them out right there on the beach.
Although this is not the safest or wisest measure, it does in a pinch. Use the hand sanitizer to sanitize any bacteria on your hands before touching your eye and rolling the contact down. Once you take it off, make sure that there is no sand on the contact lens. Hold it tightly and spray it with some contact solution before putting it into the contact case. Make sure the contact case is filled up before you put the caps back on, though.
Contact lenses can be obnoxious to wear and you should not open your eyes underwater with them on, but they are great for allowing you to actually see on the beach without worrying about getting sand and scratches all over your glasses. So long as you pack your contact solution and contact lens case for emergencies along with hand sanitizer in case you can’t make it to the bathroom or there simply isn’t one (highly unlikely, but), you should be fine when you are on the beach with your contact lenses. Practice wearing your contact lenses safely as well as taking them out safely before you go to the beach and you should be just fine. Good luck.

If you have some really bad vision, then chances are that you probably have a pair of glasses, Whether you wear them all the time or not is a different story, but whether you are stowing them away for a long period of time or you wear them every single day, you have to maintain them. By using a microfiber cloth, you can easily get the dirt off of your glasses every day without scratching them. Here is why you should only use a microfiber cloth for your glasses.
It is Extremely Soft
A microfiber cloth is as smooth as a baby’s butt and as soft as the fur on a fluffy cat. Using one is easy and it will prevent any scratches on your glasses while you clean them. Glasses are expensive and having scratches on the lenses could impair your vision and result in repairs being made later on. Avoid the expenses and use a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses.
It is Designed to Clean
Microfiber easily picks up dirt on glass and keeps it in its microfibers. These clothes are designed to clean glasses and they will even pick up dirt that is caked into the glasses, although you might have to use some force in order to get that dirt up. A microfiber cloth should come with your glasses. They are generally given out with each new pair of glasses that someone orders. Otherwise, you could probably pick one up at your local drug store.
They Are Inexpensive
Instead of buying a bottle of Windex and trying to clean the glasses like you tend to clean all other glass surfaces, save your money and buy a microfiber cloth. It will last for a long time and it is cheap. Most of the time, it comes free with your glasses. Utilize the free promotion and use it as often as you can. After all, the staff of the eye store would not give you a microfiber cloth to use for no apparent reason.
They Are Convenient
All you have to do in order to clean your glasses is take the microfiber cloth out of your case and wipe your glasses down really quickly. If you maintain them over time, then they really should not get too dirty. This will make them relatively easy to clean and it will help each microfiber cloth last longer.
Microfiber cloths are a convenient, highly effective tool to use when cleaning your glasses. They are inexpensive and normally come for free with your glasses, so you will not have to worry about picking up a special type of cleaner for your glasses unless you really want to. Maintain your glasses so that you can use your microfiber cloth for a long time to come. The less large piles of dirt that the cloth has to pick up, the better. Take care of your glasses with a microfiber cloth and they will most certainly take care of you in the long run.

There are many places to shop when looking for a contact lens case. That being said, it can be difficult to choose the right style for you. Contact lens cases can come in a variety of styles and colors, which can end up being a little overwhelming if you do not know where to start. Optipak gives customers the options to choose from barrel cases, travel cases, flat cases, and mirror cases. You can even customize your contact lens case if you want something unique. Once you choose the right contact lens case, you will understand why it is so beneficial to have a case in the first place.

Protect Contact Lenses
A contact lens case is important to have because it protects your contact lenses from all types of things. These things can include dirt and debris, dust, bacteria, and scratches. As long as you keep your contact lens case clean every day, you can prevent any of these irritants from damaging your contact lenses and your eyes. It is also important to remember that these contact lenses are going into your eyes every day so you should always remember to clean your case thoroughly. You should be cleaning your contact lens case with solution, not water, and letting it dry completely before putting your contact lenses back inside. As long as you are keeping your contact lens case clean, you are protecting the contact lenses. Also, remember to replace your contact lens case every three months to prevent more discomfort or problems.
Travel with Lenses
Another benefit of having a contact lens case is so that you can travel with your contact lenses. Instead of having to bring your eyeglasses with you on a trip, you can always be sure that you have an extra pair of contact lenses with you. You can look for a travel contact lens case, which is specifically made to carry contact lenses while traveling. You can even buy a contact lens case in a vibrant color or unique style so that it is easy to find if you have an emergency or need to change your contact lenses quickly. Optipak makes it easy for a customer to be unique since they offer so many different kinds of contact lens cases. If you are not satisfied with the current selection, Optipak allows customers to customize a contact lens case so that it can truly fit their style.
Keep Eyes Healthy
When you are protecting your contact lenses, you are protecting your eyes. You must always remember that your contact lenses are going directly from the contact lens case to your eyes, so you should always make sure that your case is clean. A contact lens case also prevents contact lenses from drying out, which can end up irritating the eyes very much. Eye health is very important and your optometrist will agree that the state of your contact lens case will reflect how clean your contact lenses are. You do not want to skip daily cleaning because it can cause eye infections and irritation.
When you are ready to replace your old contact lens case, visit Optipak’s website. You will be able to choose from many different styles and colors, as well as contact Optipak representatives if you have any questions. Optipak makes it easy for customers to love their contact lens cases because they put a lot of dedication to making them safe and easy to use.

Optipak produced a Specsavers branded flat topped DigiCase for us as a promotions giveaway. The campaign was really well received and the service from Optipak was extremely professional. Thank you.
Werner Ingram - MarketingSpecsavers SA
Optipak produced a fully customised and branded DigiCase for our Spanish and Portuguese markets which was produced and delivered well within our specified budget and time line.
Luis Martinez - MarketingGeneral & Mias Optical
Optipak answered our brief accuratly and were able to provide us with a fully customised and branded retail pack for our Acuvue Oasys brand which was extremely well recieved by our customer base.
S Kavvalos - key accountsJohnson & Johnson Vison
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