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We’ve all had those days where our eyes feel tired after staring at a screen all day – not just at work, but on our phones on the way home, using a tablet, and even just watching TV.

Now one company has developed contact lenses especially to help with what’s become known as digital eye fatigue – when your eyes become tired, dry and red after too long looking at screens.

CooperVisionhas released a monthly wear lens – Biofinity Energys – that have a special Digital Zone Optics lens design.

This particular breakthrough stimulates what’s known as positive power at the centre of the lens, which helps reduce the strain on the eyes’ ciliary muscles as you shift your gaze on and off screen.

The other element of these contact lenses that makes them special is the company’s Aquaform Technology, which helps the eyes retain moisture, thereby stopping eyes from becoming too dry.

Eight out of ten people who were given the new contact lenses reported less eye tiredness after one week of wear with the Biofinity Energys lenses.

One early adopter of the new contact lenses, Cameron Carlsted, said: “I have no strain or fatigue throughout the work day. At the end of the day my eyes still feel fresh.”

Dr Michele Andrews, senior director of professional and academic affairs, North America for CooperVision, explained that asking people to change their behaviour with screens is unrealistic, which is why they developed lenses to reduce the strain.

Research published by Ofcom 2015 found that screen time among internet users aged 16 and above had more than doubled in a decade, rising from an average of ten hours a week in 2005 to over 20.5 hours in 2014.

If you decide to invest in some of these new contact lenses for the digital age, make sure you have a suitable contact lens case to protect them when you’re not wearing them.

Contact lens care is relatively easy as long as you follow a few golden rules, such as never sleeping in them and ensuring that you clean them properly on a daily basis.

But what should you clean them with? If someone suggests that you use tap water because you’ve run out contact lens solution, make sure you don’t listen to them as you could find that you infect your lenses with a parasitic amoeba which can cause acanthamoeba keratitis, an eye infection that can result in blindness.

You should also make sure you don’t use bottled or distilled water to clean your lenses – only ever use the relevant store-bought solution. By the same token, avoid swimming with your contact lenses in as you could get water in them which could result in a sight-threatening eye infection.

If you do swim and water splashes into your eyes, take your lenses out as soon as you can and rinse them properly in solution, storing them overnight in contact lens cases in this way so they’re properly disinfected.

Back in June of this year, the No Water campaign – launched in 2011 to raise awareness of the risks of cleaning lenses in non-sterile water – was recognised at the Vision Pioneer awards, winning Campaign of the Year.

The campaign was so successful that the British Contact Lens Association produced its own No Water stickers to be put on lens packaging, something that has since been adopted by other countries including the US. Contact lens manufacturer Clearlab has also adopted this label for all of its lens packaging in the UK.

Boots Opticians has released a green paper that emphasises the need for better children’s eye health education and training in the UK.

It based its document on research that revealed a quarter of parents have never taken their children for an eye test, while many wrongly believe their kids’ sight is being assessed at school.

The green paper, entitled ‘Seeing the future’, calls on policy-makers, the government and those who work in the optical sector to provide better training on eye health to professionals working with youngsters; a mandatory screening programme for children aged four to five; improved education for parents and carers; and changes to the NHS voucher scheme to help young people access the correction solutions they need, including additional glasses and contact lens cases campaign to encourage parents to get their children’s eyesight checked to detect any problems they might have with their vision.

Your own personal preference and style may come into play when deciding whether to wear contact lenses or glasses, but there are many reasons why you should consider contacts! They offer many benefits that just aren’t the same with glasses, such as exercise, field of vision, lack of fog, and other advantages!
Sports and Exercise
With any sport or workout routine, glasses just get in the way and present potential risks to the wearer. When wearing contacts, you can run or play sports with no worries of your glasses sliding off or getting hit by a ball or person. For any athlete, contacts offer a multitude of benefits to make their exercise routines less of a hassle. This is why many professional athletes prefer contacts over glasses when performing at whatever they do best!
Wider Field of Vision
Contact lenses conform to the shape of your eye, and don’t have all the obstructive materials that glasses do, which allows for an uninterrupted view of whatever you are looking at. No more sliding your glasses up and down to see properly out of them. Instead, have a wider field of vision at all times with contacts! You will have great peripheral vision than you ever did with glasses, and no more blind spots that the frames of the glasses block or intrude on.
No More Fog
Have you ever taken a sip of a hot drink, and then had your glasses fog up completely? Or perhaps you stepped outside on a cold day and suddenly couldn’t see through the glasses lens! With contacts, you can drink all the hot drinks you want and still be able to see properly! They won’t be affected by temperature changes or the rain and snow, so you will be able to avoid that hassle in whatever climate you live in.
Show Off those Eyes
When wearing glasses, your eyes are often hidden behind thick frames, so people can’t see your natural eyes! Contacts don’t detract from the natural beauty of your eyes, but rather take away the obstruction from your face so that people can see you better!
Additional Eyewear Available
If you wear contacts, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of buying prescription sunglasses to swap out for your regular glasses. You’ll be able to wear goggles and any other eye wear that otherwise would have just been an annoyance when wearing glasses.
Relief from the Weight
At the very least, by choosing contacts over glasses, you will experience relief from the both of glasses and all the annoyances that they may present. You won’t have to deal with the glasses sliding down your nose constantly, or making your head hurt from the way they sit on your ears.
There are also benefits to wearing glasses, which is why many individuals still choose to wear them, but the advantages of contacts are incomparable when considering all the different scenarios in which they benefit the user. To protect and care for your contacts, find a quality contact lens case from Optipak that best fits your preferences!

If you suffer from some type of vision impairment, then you may have a contact lens. These lenses help you to see better. However, without proper care they can get damaged. Did you know that your contacts take special accessories to keep them in good working shape and order? There are a number of contact lens accessories that you can buy online at the convenience of your fingertips. In addition, to the ease of buying online, they are also cheap so you will not have to break the bank while doing it.

Why You Should Have a Cases

If you want to keep your vision clear then you need to be able to properly store your contacts while not in use. One of the most popular contact lens accessories you can buy is that of a lens case. These cases come in a variety of different colors and designs. Therefore, no matter what style you are into you will be able to find one that will fit your needs and wants.

The main benefit to owning a case for your contacts it to keep them moist, so that they don’t dry up and are no longer usable. However, like many contact lens accessories you can buy online, they provide you with several benefits. One of those being that, by using a case you are also protecting your lens from scratches and debris as well.

Try Using Case Bumpers

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it is easy to understand that the products we keep with us on a daily basis can encounter constant wear a tear. However, it is important that we take care of the stuff that is important to use. This includes our contact lens and contact lens accessories, like cases. That is why Optipak has offered contact users the option of purchasing bumpers to go around their cases. Not only do these bumpers prevent the cases from opening, but they also keep them safeguarded while they are in your purse, pocket, or even brief case.

The Options of Contact Barrels

While you have the option of your basic flat cases, many people find they have issues with them. You have to keep track of 2 lids, keep both sides filled with solutions, and keep it stored in a safe location on a flat surface. The softpac barrel case comes with a spring loaded basket so that you no longer have a need for the clips. This also is just one location for both lens’. Therefore, you don’t need to keep track of so many pieces and you will be able to store it in a location convenient for you. These barrels come in several eye catching colors and designs.

If you are looking to buy accessories online, then look no further that Optipak. They specialize in all things contact lens related. If you have any questions on what product and design is best for you, feel free to contact them.

Contact Lens Case care for Healthy Eyes

As you might probably know you are supposed to clean or soak your contact lenses on a regular basis. But what about caring for your contact lens case? When you do not follow the proper steps to clean a contact lens case it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other critters which can possibly can result in an infection via your contact lens case.

The following steps on how to clean your contact lens case will help keep your lenses healthy and fresh to help you avoid any eye irritation:

  1. After inserting in your contact lenses, empty all lens solution from the contact lens case (never re-use your contact lens solution).
  2. Rinse the contact lens case with clean lens solution and rub the inside of the contact lens case with your clean fingers.
  3. Dry your contact lens case by turning it upside down without the caps on until you’re ready to store the contact lenses again. If your case has silver nitrate lining, keep the contact lens caps on.
  4. If necessary, you can occasionally use the dishwasher to disinfect your contact lens case or you can boil it on the stove for five minutes to achieve the same result.
  5. Replace your contact lens case every three months or 4 times a year at minimum. You can order FREE contact lens cases from www.digicase.com

If you stick to these guide lines and look after your contact lens cases then they will look after your eyes… after all you only have one pair.

For more information on contact lens cases and accessories please contact us at www.optipak.net

Optipak are the world leaders in the manufacturer of contact lens accessories and all our products are manufactured under strict medical guidelines.

Some people, for whatever reason (though it is a lot more exciting to think that these reasons are of the adventurous and exploratory kind), turn from using glasses to using contact lenses. Though it may appear like a good move, and easier because who actually likes having to adjust their glasses every time it slides down the bridge of their nose? However, it’s difficult to care for your contact lenses as you usually would when you’re travelling, especially if you’re venturing somewhere where the climate is vastly different from what you’re used to. This could actually affect your contact lenses, so it is important that you adjust accordingly. The one thing that you must remain consistent with when traveling with contact lenses is to keep them clean.

Just because you’re taking a vacation, doesn’t mean your routine has to as well. Nothing about the mechanics of your routine should fundamentally change. Do not leave them on longer than you should, do not neglect your cleaning duties, and do not “forget” to wash your hands before handling them. One of the biggest mistakes people make is getting lazy with their routine because they’re on vacation. Like it or not, the only time your eyes should rest is when you sleep.

If you’re going to go swimming, remember that you aren’t in your home, where the water is most likely cleaner. You are somewhere else, you are swimming in people’s sweat and bacteria, and that is not something you want being trapped in your contact lenses. Take them off before you indulge yourself in any activities that might affect your contact lenses directly or mess with your vision.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that this whole care routine begins even before you leave for your marked destination. Be aware that some places have strict rules about liquids and how you carry them, so if you want to be able to keep your cleaner and soaking solution, be smart about how you package them. Usually liquid items or bottle containers aren’t allowed on carry on bags, so put them in your suitcase for safekeeping. You can also try putting it in a separate bag where security can see for themselves that you’re completely harmless, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping this in mind, you should have a backup! Some people travel thinking everything is going to be peachy fine, and then their contacts are damaged, or they lose their cleaner or soaking solution, or they forget to take it off one night and they spend the entire day in the hotel room agonizing about a lost adventure. Besides setting a reminder for yourself to take off your contact lenses, also carry a pair of glasses with you in case you aren’t able to use your contact lenses anymore.

Yes, you did switch to contacts for a reason, but accidents happen, and would you rather miss an amazing view for the sake of not wanting to wear glasses? Life can be so much more than a superficial statement.

If trouble arises, don’t be afraid to seek help. You don’t want to end up blind, do you?

For many people who wear contact lenses, they believe there is no longer a need for eyeglasses. This could not be further from the truth. Even if you have switched over to contact lenses, it doesn’t mean that you should throw out your eyeglasses. In fact, you want to keep them in a safe place so that you can go back to them should you need to. Even if you think you will never have a need to wear eyeglasses again, you are wrong. Glasses offer many advantages over contacts that should be remembered. Here are three reasons why you should always keep a spare set of glasses handy just in case.

Eye Issues

Should you encounter an eye injury or eye trauma, you will need to allow your eyes to properly heal. This could mean going without contacts for days or even weeks. When you are constantly messing with your eyes and trying to put in your contacts, you could irritate them further. Instead of making the matter worse, you want to give your eyes a break. This is when you should switch over to a pair of eyeglasses. This allows your eyes to heal without irritating them. Even if you are not suffering from a major infection or trauma, allergies have a way of irritating your eyes. By giving your eyes a break, you could end up feeling much better sooner.


Sure, you have every intention of packing exactly what you need, but when you don’t have access to additional contacts, you need a backup source. When you go on a trip, you want to take the least possible supplies you need. You don’t want to have to carry all your contacts and risk them getting damaged or lost. Instead, you typically only take what you need while you are on vacation. In case the ones you do bring along tear or get damaged, you want to have a backup plan. Having a pair of eyeglasses will help you get out of a tight situation. You don’t want to spend your entire vacation having a hard time seeing all the sights and sounds of the area.

A New Look

While contacts can be convenient and you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your glasses, they can also be boring. Not only are glasses very proficient in allowing you to see better, they can also be a great fashion statement. If you are looking to change up your look, glasses come in a variety of shapes and colors making it very easy to change how you look. Since glasses also give the impression that you are smarter, people are more likely to take you serious. This can be good if you are trying to get a job or get into a school. You want them to take you serious and glasses are one way to give off a more conservative look.

The convenience of wearing contact lenses can far outweigh that of glasses. You don’t have to worry about them falling off and breaking like eyeglasses. Contact lenses tend to remain in your eyes until you take them out and are much sturdier than glasses. One of the drawbacks of choosing contact lenses over eyeglasses is the cute carrying cases you get to take along. While you won’t find as many options for contact carrying cases, there are plenty to choose from on the market. When choosing which contact case to purchase, you need decide what will be fashionable and functional all at the same time. Here are three ideas to help you in your search for the perfect contact carrying case.

Three Tier Eyeglass and Contact Case

Clearly one of the most fashionable and functional contact cases on the market is the three tier eyeglass and contact case. The outside of the case comes in either black or red depending on your preference. If it is too plain for you, you can always add a decal to help dress it up. It is made of faux leather and is completely durable. You don’t have to worry about anything inside breaking should you accidently drop it. Inside, the case is more than functional. You have several compartments making it easy to keep everything organized. On one side, you are able to store your glasses where they will be kept safe and free from scratches. The other side you can store your contact lenses. On the contact lens side, the case comes with two vials where you can keep your solution, a pair of tweezers, a small contact lens case, and a mirror. This is everything you need when you are on the go and need to carry your eyewear with you.

Contact Solution Contact Travel Case

This is by far one of the most fashionable contact cases on the market. You have the option of choosing between four different colors including orange, blue, green, or purple. The colors are bright and you will have no problem spotting the case buried in your luggage. If you plan on traveling a lot, you will definitely want to have this case with you. Not only is this case fashionable, but it is very functional as well. In fact, you can pour your contact solution into the case and press a button to have it fill up your contacts. The solution will help keep your contacts moist for several weeks. Even better is that this case is TSA approved so you will have no problem carrying it onto your flight.

Kabaclip Contact Lens Case 3-PACK

If you are looking for something a little smaller and a little more transferable, you will love the Kabaclip contact lens case. These small cases clip right onto your contact solution bottle making it easy for you to carry everything together in one hand. The 3 pack case offers several different colors so you can mix and match based on your mood.


There are many places to shop when looking for a contact lens case. That being said, it can be difficult to choose the right style for you. Contact lens cases can come in a variety of styles and colors, which can end up being a little overwhelming if you do not know where to start. Optipak gives customers the options to choose from barrel cases, travel cases, flat cases, and mirror cases. You can even customize your contact lens case if you want something unique. Once you choose the right contact lens case, you will understand why it is so beneficial to have a case in the first place.

Protect Contact Lenses

A contact lens case is important to have because it protects your contact lenses from all types of things. These things can include dirt and debris, dust, bacteria, and scratches. As long as you keep your contact lens case clean every day, you can prevent any of these irritants from damaging your contact lenses and your eyes. It is also important to remember that these contact lenses are going into your eyes every day so you should always remember to clean your case thoroughly. You should be cleaning your contact lens case with a solution, not water, and letting it dry completely before putting your contact lenses back inside. As long as you are keeping your contact lens case clean, you are protecting the contact lenses. Also, remember to replace your contact lens case every three months to prevent more discomfort or problems.

Travel with Lenses

Another benefit of having a contact lens case is so that you can travel with your contact lenses. Instead of having to bring your eyeglasses with you on a trip, you can always be sure that you have an extra pair of contact lenses with you. You can look for a travel contact lens case, which is specifically made to carry contact lenses while traveling. You can even buy a contact lens case in a vibrant color or unique style so that it is easy to find if you have an emergency or need to change your contact lenses quickly. Optipak makes it easy for a customer to be unique since they offer so many different kinds of contact lens cases. If you are not satisfied with the current selection, Optipak allows customers to customize a contact lens case so that it can truly fit their style.

Keep Eyes Healthy

When you are protecting your contact lenses, you are protecting your eyes. You must always remember that your contact lenses are going directly from the contact lens case to your eyes, so you should always make sure that your case is clean. A contact lens case also prevents contact lenses from drying out, which can end up irritating the eyes very much. Eye health is very important and your optometrist will agree that the state of your contact lens case will reflect how clean your contact lenses are. You do not want to skip daily cleaning because it can cause eye infections and irritation.

When you are ready to replace your old contact lens case, visit Optipak’s website. You will be able to choose from many different styles and colors, as well as contact Optipak representatives if you have any questions. Optipak makes it easy for customers to love their contact lens cases because they put a lot of dedication to making them safe and easy to use. 

Optipak produced a Specsavers branded flat topped DigiCase for us as a promotions giveaway. The campaign was really well received and the service from Optipak was extremely professional. Thank you.
Werner Ingram - MarketingSpecsavers SA
Optipak produced a fully customised and branded DigiCase for our Spanish and Portuguese markets which was produced and delivered well within our specified budget and time line.
Luis Martinez - MarketingGeneral & Mias Optical
Optipak answered our brief accuratly and were able to provide us with a fully customised and branded retail pack for our Acuvue Oasys brand which was extremely well recieved by our customer base.
S Kavvalos - key accountsJohnson & Johnson Vison
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