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Have you ever gone out in public with your contact lens case and felt like it did not really “fit” your personality? Well, there are actually many ways that you can customize your contact lens case to suit your personality. Read on to find out three ways that you can customize your contact lens cases.
1. Glue Rhine Stones On it
Whether you have Rhine stones that are stick and peel or actual Rhine stones that you would have to glue on manually, they make a great addition to a contact lens case. So long as you properly maintain your contact lens case and do not let it drop a lot, some Rhine stones should suit your customization of the case quite nicely. You can use sticker gems, too, but if you really want to go in style, then use some real Rhine stones.
2. Re-color it
If you have a special dye kit or you use safe food coloring, then you can re-color your contact lens case. Normally they come in green and white, but you can change the color to anything that you want. Whether it is purple, red, blue, orange or pink, you will get the color that you want if you so choose. Look online for some resources that teach you how to dye miscellaneous materials and you will surely find a method that works.
3. Engrave Your Name onto it
While this option might seem a little pricey, it does well for you if you are in the habit of losing your contact lens case very often. If you have your name on the case, then no one will need to check with you if the contact lens case on the sink is theirs or yours. On top of this, if someone does use your contact lenses by accident, then you can show them the engraving on the bottom and tell them that those contacts are definitely yours.
If you lose the case at school, then you will most likely get it back. Your chances are more likely to get it back, of course, because your name is on it. You could use stickers or labels or some other form to get your name onto the contact lens case, but with all of the solution splashing around the case, it is probably a good idea to just carve it in there.
Customizing your contact lens case is not for everyone, of course, but for the few who carry their contact lens case everywhere and want it to be stylized, then you can’t go wrong with using one or two of these tips. The next time that you are out and about, consider stopping at a store and picking up some accessories for your contact lens case. You could even go to your local eye store or eye doctor and ask if they have some things to decorate contact lens cases with. Good luck with your customization and, most importantly, have fun with this. Make your contact lens as fabulous as you are.

Not all contact lens cases are made equal, although you would probably like to think so. Some contact lens cases are weaker than others or are simply really annoying to open. You want a contact lens case that does its function but also opens rather smoothly and quickly. Here are three things that make a good contact lens case.
1. A Screw-on Cap
A screw-on cap is better than a snap up cap in many ways. First and foremost, a screw on cap does not jar open the contact case and force the lens to go flying into oblivion, never to be seen again except by a curious dog or cat who wander into the room and start ironically playing with it. A screw on cap is safer and much easier to use. On top of this, a snap up case’s bridge between the cap and the bottom of the case could crease, fold and bend until that piece snaps or falls off. You do not want to have to deal with that, trust me.
2. Two Different Cap Colors
If your contact lens case does not have two different cap colors, then you will definitely want to get a new contact lens case. This is because the colors on both caps allow you to associate the color with a certain eye. Probably due to conditioning, the colors train your eyes to see a cap color and automatically put the matching contact lens inside. If you are not paying attention, then you could mess up, but if you are clearly looking at the contact lens case, then you will have a conditioned response to the color of the left eye holder and the right eye holder based on their color.
3. High Quality, but Inexpensive
If you order contact lenses, then you will probably get a contact lens case with the contact lenses. This is, of course, if you are new to the world of contacts. You may or may not have to pay to replace your old contact case. However, professionals do understand that sometimes things happen and stuff gets misplaced. Hopefully you do not lose your contact lens case, but if you do happen to need a replacement for some reason, then please do not hesitate to contact your eye store or a drug store right away. You need to have a contact lens case on you at all times.
Contact lens wearers do not have it easy because they constantly have to worry about bringing either their glasses or their contact lens cases or both with them at all times. It is not hard at all to find a good contact lens case, but if you do not get a free contact lens case from your doctor with your first pair of glasses (or you just simply get a terrible case from your doctor), then use these criteria to pick out a really nice contact lens case. Happy hunting and good luck with your contact lens case shopping!

When you avoid spending a high amount of money, sometimes going with a bulk purchase can help you in the long run. Paying for multiple of the same items at one shot can be your savior for many reasons. I mean, if one of the items breaks, if you lose it, if you simply want to change the look of what you are carrying, you quickly have a replacement. One of the things that you can purchase and have handy is your contact lens case.
With this being said, I am going to give you the top reasons to get a few different lens cases, you know, for your sanity’s sake.
Like one of the things that was mentioned above, if you break it, you can replace it! I mean, a contact case is one of the most sacred things to a person that uses contact more than glasses. If you’re someone that choose to ONLY have contacts, this is definitely a lifeline for you. If you break it, you run the risk of not having somewhere to place them when you want to take them off. Let’s say you are already home and you break the case. Now you have to get in your car and drive to the store to spend money on another one. If you would have had this already, this would have been avoided.
And what if you lose your contact case? Let’s say that you are traveling and you lose your contact case. You have lost it! And now, after a few days of wearing your contacts, you’re not close to getting home and need to take the contacts off while you sleep to let your eyes rest. You now have to find a place that sells them, possibly at a fair price and hopefully they are close, AND OPEN! But what if you’re out of the country and you have not changed your currency to reflect that of the country you are in. Had you purchased the multiple contact lens cases you would not be in this dilemma.
Another good reason, especially for your contact lens case is that, and I do not know if you knew, but it is recommended that you replace your contact cases every three (3) months. The lining inside of your contact case is made of plastic, and like the inside lining of water bottles, after a while it tends to leak off a chemical that can be harmful for both your contact and/ or your eyes. Let’s not allow that to happen. Purchase multiple cases for your eye’s sake.
With these reasons intact, you should definitely confide in our products and purchase your next bulk set of contact lens cases from us at Optipak. Our online resources will be able to help you decide exactly which director to head with your options. Our website, http://optipak.net/, is designed to keep your sanity in one piece and allow for you to navigate safely to order your next set of contact cases in peace.

Wearing glasses can get tiresome over time. Some people just don’t want the inconvenience of wearing glasses anymore, so they switch to contact lenses. However, contact lenses can cause some serious problems if not put on correctly. A mirror must be used to apply the contacts to the correct area of the eye every time you put them on. Mirrors aren’t always accessible, so having a contact lens case with a mirror built in could potentially make your life a thousand times easier.
You Can Put Your Contacts in On the Go
If your contacts fall out of your eye and you don’t have time to get to the bathroom, then having a mirror on your contact lens case can save you. Although the mirror cannot give you the moisture you need to reconnect your contact lens to your eye, it can give you a means to keep your eyesight for as long as you need it until you can get to the bathroom to appropriately fix your contact lenses. It is a good option to have when you are in a pinch.
You Can Potentially Wake Up and Pop Your Lenses in
If you keep your contacts next to your bed and you have contact solution with you, then you could easily roll over, take your contacts out of their case and use the mirror in the contact lens case to pop your lenses in really quickly. While this isn’t recommended if you haven’t washed your hands, it works if you are in a rush. Otherwise, go wash your hands before putting your lenses in. You don’t have to bring the lenses with you to the bathroom if you don’t want to because you have a mirror in your contact lens case.
Cracking the Mirror Will Be Difficult
While it is easy to drop a contact lens case, it is not so easy to crack the mirror inside. This is because the mirror is protected within the case and will not become damaged so easily. This makes the contact lens case mirror a great investment because it won’t break easily and you can use it whenever you want. You don’t even have to use the mirror to put your contact lenses in if you don’t want. You can use it to put your make up on or just double check how you look really quickly.
There are many advantages to having a contact lens case with a mirror. Not only does it make life with contact lenses much easier, but it also helps make time management easier for you in the long run. You can use the mirror for things other than contact lenses, as well. The mirror has multiple uses and with the protection of the contact lens case, it is virtually unbreakable. Perhaps the mirror will break eventually, but because of the protective shell of the contact lens case, it will be rather hard to damage. Due to the life span of the mirror and the advantages it can give you for better time management, it is a great option to have in your life to make contact lens wearing easier.

Are you tired of your bland, boring, contact lens case? Do you sometimes look at them and wonder what it would feel like to whip out a uniquely made case; and have your fellow colleagues gawk and ask you questions about it? It can be tough to come up with unique ideas for a contact lens case. If you happen to just so be one of these people, you are in luck because in this article you will learn about a handful of unique contact lens cases ideas that will surely catch the attention of your friends, family, and colleagues.

1) Owl Eyes.

Contact lenses are traditionally made in the shape of two perfectly round circles. Now, imagine that both of these circles are transformed into super cute owl eyes! Not only will this catch the attention of others when your whip your case out, it will definitely become a conversation starter. This case would be ideal for the person who simply loves owls and wants to spruce up their contact lens case collection.

2) Cupcakes.

Do you have a nagging sweet tooth you can barely get away from? If you love sweets, having a cupcake themed contact lens case would be ideal and a super cute accent to add to your collection of accessories! If you are not a huge fan of cupcakes, any other circular treat shall do. Just make sure to not eat it!

3) Piano case.

If you consider yourself a true virtuoso and a wonderful piano player, this case is literally for you. Picture your lenses case as a small piano. Once you open it, on the inside it will have two separate cups for you contact lenses. This case is ideal for the aspiring pianist.

4) Lady Bugs.

Instead of having just a simple, traditional and boring contact lense case owning a lady bug themed one is 10x cooler! Impress your friends with a cute, accented contact lens case that will be the envy of those with basic, boring ones.

5) Animals

You can pretty much transform any regular old contact lens case into a spectacular animal themed contact lens case. This idea is perfect for pet owners; you can make dog, fish, cat, bunny, even spider cases! It does not even have to stop there, if you have any kind of favorite animal, you could also pick that. It can range from big to small. Elephants, panda bears, tigers, or even dolphins are acceptable!

6) Bedazzle them!

If you are the type of person that loves to personally customize, has to have something glittery, flashy, and super eye-catching then bedazzling your contact lens case is a perfect idea for you. The possibilities are endless on this one, you can bedazzle things like your initials, your zodiac sign, your birthdate, your shoe size, your age, your name (if you use super small rhinestones), your favorite color, this list could go on forever! Have at it and have fun with it.

7) Sports

Here is a more masculine idea for you all. Any type of sport will do, whether you are a huge soccer fan, a total football junkie, or a heavy baseball enthusiast, this idea works well on any type of sport with a ball involved.

You can come up with so many more ideas; hopefully this article helped spark up some creativity for you, and helped inspire you to customize your own lens case!

Contact Lens Case care for Healthy Eyes

As you might probably know you are supposed to clean or soak your contact lenses on a regular basis. But what about caring for your contact lens case? When you do not follow the proper steps to clean a contact lens case it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other critters which can possibly can result in an infection via your contact lens case.

The following steps on how to clean your contact lens case will help keep your lenses healthy and fresh to help you avoid any eye irritation:

  1. After inserting in your contact lenses, empty all lens solution from the contact lens case (never re-use your contact lens solution).
  2. Rinse the contact lens case with clean lens solution and rub the inside of the contact lens case with your clean fingers.
  3. Dry your contact lens case by turning it upside down without the caps on until you’re ready to store the contact lenses again. If your case has silver nitrate lining, keep the contact lens caps on.
  4. If necessary, you can occasionally use the dishwasher to disinfect your contact lens case or you can boil it on the stove for five minutes to achieve the same result.
  5. Replace your contact lens case every three months or 4 times a year at minimum. You can order FREE contact lens cases from www.digicase.com

If you stick to these guide lines and look after your contact lens cases then they will look after your eyes… after all you only have one pair.

For more information on contact lens cases and accessories please contact us at www.optipak.net

Optipak are the world leaders in the manufacturer of contact lens accessories and all our products are manufactured under strict medical guidelines.

The convenience of wearing contact lenses can far outweigh that of glasses. You don’t have to worry about them falling off and breaking like eyeglasses. Contact lenses tend to remain in your eyes until you take them out and are much sturdier than glasses. One of the drawbacks of choosing contact lenses over eyeglasses is the cute carrying cases you get to take along. While you won’t find as many options for contact carrying cases, there are plenty to choose from on the market. When choosing which contact case to purchase, you need decide what will be fashionable and functional all at the same time. Here are three ideas to help you in your search for the perfect contact carrying case.

Three Tier Eyeglass and Contact Case

Clearly one of the most fashionable and functional contact cases on the market is the three tier eyeglass and contact case. The outside of the case comes in either black or red depending on your preference. If it is too plain for you, you can always add a decal to help dress it up. It is made of faux leather and is completely durable. You don’t have to worry about anything inside breaking should you accidently drop it. Inside, the case is more than functional. You have several compartments making it easy to keep everything organized. On one side, you are able to store your glasses where they will be kept safe and free from scratches. The other side you can store your contact lenses. On the contact lens side, the case comes with two vials where you can keep your solution, a pair of tweezers, a small contact lens case, and a mirror. This is everything you need when you are on the go and need to carry your eyewear with you.

Contact Solution Contact Travel Case

This is by far one of the most fashionable contact cases on the market. You have the option of choosing between four different colors including orange, blue, green, or purple. The colors are bright and you will have no problem spotting the case buried in your luggage. If you plan on traveling a lot, you will definitely want to have this case with you. Not only is this case fashionable, but it is very functional as well. In fact, you can pour your contact solution into the case and press a button to have it fill up your contacts. The solution will help keep your contacts moist for several weeks. Even better is that this case is TSA approved so you will have no problem carrying it onto your flight.

Kabaclip Contact Lens Case 3-PACK

If you are looking for something a little smaller and a little more transferable, you will love the Kabaclip contact lens case. These small cases clip right onto your contact solution bottle making it easy for you to carry everything together in one hand. The 3 pack case offers several different colors so you can mix and match based on your mood.


Optipak produced a Specsavers branded flat topped DigiCase for us as a promotions giveaway. The campaign was really well received and the service from Optipak was extremely professional. Thank you.
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