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Stereotypes can be either good or bad, but you can actually use the good stereotypes to your advantage. One common stereotype about glasses is that the individual wearing them has a higher level of intelligence, and while poor eyesight is not scientifically an indicator of this, you can still use this association to your benefit!
1. Choose the Right Frames
There is a great variety of face sizes, face shapes, and eye shapes among people, so you need to be sure that the frames you are picking are the right ones for your face. An ill-fitting pair of glasses can completely shoot down the successful look you are aiming for, so be sure to choose frames that highlight your best features and also have a professional look to them. Depending on the structure of your face, you may be better off with rimless glasses or with less subtle, thick-rimmed glasses. The key is to choose a pair of glasses that provides you with the confidence you need to give off that successful demeanor.
2. Act the Part
Multiple studies show that people who wear glasses are perceived as having higher intelligence and success. Use this perception to your benefit by acting the part, even if you haven’t achieved all your goals yet. If you hold your head high and walk with confidence, this will enforce people’s assumption that you have the intelligence and success that is associated with wearing glasses. Next time someone you wish to impress comes around, sit up straight and get to work doing something that keeps you busy, so that they notice you have focus and determination regarding your work. Maintain eye contact when meeting someone new, and provide a firm handshake. These basics are tips you can use even if you don’t wear glasses, but they are especially important if you are seeking to maintain the stereotype associated with glasses.
3. Add On to the “Successful” Look
Dressing professionally and keeping your hair fixed nicely is another way to enforce this idea in professional situations such as the workplace. As much as the idea is discouraged, most people assume a lot from the outward appearance of individuals they are meeting for the first time. The best way to influence the people you meet to see you as being successful and having your life together is to dress and appear like that’s true. This means more than just the clothes you wear, but also hygiene, hair, and posture. You can either disguise a nice pair of glasses behind sloppy hair and clothes, or dress them up to reinforce the ideas of success and a put-together life.
In order to look more successful when wearing glasses, the key is to choose the right frames for your face, and to look and act the part as well. These tips will assist you in the workplace, college classrooms, and anywhere else you are looking to make a positive impression!

1. Wash Your Hands First
Be sure you have washed and dried your hands before handling your contacts, as anything you get on the contact lens could irritate your eyes. You will want to use soap that is free of perfume and scents, as these additions could harm your eyes.
2. Clean With Fresh Solution
Every time you remove your lenses, clean and disinfect them with the solution provided or suggested by your eye care professional. It is important that you don’t use other types of liquid, such as tap water or saliva, to re-wet or clean your lenses. Also, re-using contact lens solution is a bad idea, as all of the disinfecting capabilities are gone after the first use.
3. Find a Good Case
For quality contact lens cases that fit your need, check out all of the options available online at Optipak, where they specialize in every kind of lens case you could want or need. You can even order a specialized contact lens case to set your case apart from all the rest!
4. Don’t Wear Your Lens Overnight
This leaves your eyes more vulnerable to infection as you are closing your eyelids and shutting off the flow of oxygen. Each night, you should get into a habit of removing your lenses and putting them in your case with fresh solution, so that they’ll be ready for you when you wake up in the morning.
5. Replace Your Contact Lens
Your eye care professional should suggest a time period for you to change out contact lenses, and be sure to follow his or her suggestion carefully. They are concerned for the health of your eyes and their recommendations are to keep you in top condition! Pushing the suggested date further and further back may open up your risk to infection and eye issues.
6. Remove Immediately if You Feel Discomfort or Pain
Redness, swelling, blurry vision, or any other strange symptoms are reasons to contact your eye care professional and have him or her diagnose the issue. There may be some reason that specific contact lens is not working together properly with your eyes, and you need to diagnose the issue before risking potential damage to your eyes.
7. Get Regular Eye Exams
This is to ensure that the contact lenses are not harming your eyes in any way, and to make sure you have the right prescription for your eye sight as it changes throughout the years. A regular check-up is a good way to make sure there are no signs of on-coming infection or damage, as your eye care professional will be able to examine your eyes for any signs of this.
The key to handling contact lenses is to get into a good routine with habits that keep your lenses in top shape, as this directly impacts the health of your eyes. This means storing your contact lenses in a top quality contact lens case, so check out the selection available at Optipak to find the right option for you!

Glasses can be a real pain to maintain over time. Wearing them every day can certainly damage them, but not keeping the lenses clean could damage them even more. If you have poor eyesight and are required to wear glasses for whatever reason, you must keep your lenses clean. Dirty lenses could lead to poor or worsening vision problems, physical injuries and a list of other things that could affect your wellbeing. If you want to know how to clean your glasses the right way, then read on to find out why you should use a microfiber cloth to do so.
Microfiber Cloths Get Dirt Out Quickly
Using a microfiber cloth to quickly rub the lenses of your glasses will get all or most of the dirt out. Microfiber cloths are designed to be efficient for lens wearers because of how quickly they get the job done. Ask your local eye doctor about microfiber cloths and if you can get one for your glasses.
They Come Free With Each Prescription
For every pair of glasses you get, depending on who your eye doctor is, you will get a free microfiber cloth to clean your glasses with. Lens cloths are essential to maintaining your glasses over time and preventing excessive wear and damage to them. Cleaning your glasses is just as efficient in protecting the lenses as any other protective measure. Too much dirt on your lenses could cause you to trip and fall and damage your glasses.
Try Not to Overclean Your Glasses
It might seem like it is impossible to overclean something, but with glasses, anything is possible. Wiping your glasses off when nothing is there could lead to scratches or some other form of damage. Although microfiber cloths are soft, they are designed to take dirt and other things off of your glasses. Therefore, they have some type of pull on them that allows them to take the dirt off.
If you try to clean your glasses when they aren’t dirty, the microfiber cloth might scratch your glasses or cause some type of damage to your glasses. You should clean your glasses once in the morning before you go out and once at night when you take them off. This way, your glasses are always clean and ready to wear. Don’t clean them during the day unless something gets on them.
Microfiber cloths are easy to use and to obtain. All you have to do is ask for a cloth from your local eye doctor or, if you are getting a new prescription, a cloth will come free with your glasses. Use the microfiber cloth regularly to keep your glasses stain and dirt free, but make sure not to use it too often. You could wear out the cloth and make it harder to clean the glasses, resulting in unwanted scratches and damage to the lens of the glasses. If you clean your glasses regularly with the microfiber cloth, you should not have a hard time keeping your glasses clean at all.

Contact lens cases come in variety of styles and colors. You can also customize your cases if you want something unique. They only protect lenses but also provide a way of storing your lenses when not needed. Once you choose the right contact lens case, you will understand why it is so important to have a lens case that meet all your needs. So if You are confused about your lens case, here are some ways you can keep your lenses safe with customized lens cases.
1. Protection while Travelling
While travelling, lenses can become a source of discomfort. Hence, travel contact lens cases provide you with an easy solution to store your lenses and give you a way out of bringing your glasses to the trip. They also protect lenses from the sun which can lead to deterioration of lenses. You can even buy a contact lens case in a vibrant color or unique style so that it is easy to find if you have an emergency or need to change your contact lenses quickly.
2. Unique, Stylish and Convenient
Lens cases are available in a lot of variety and colors. You can even customize your case according to your personal requirements. They can be small or big or unique or simple. Customization helps you find the case easily in case of emergency. Also they can be made to meet your requirements, like flat lens cases for travelling and easy handle, barrel lens cases for ensuring optimum protection of lenses or mirror lens cases to enable you to put lenses during your travel trips without any trouble.
3. Easy to use and Clean
Customized lens cases are easy to maintain and clean as they are made according to your suitability. You can have a top screw lens case which has separate compartments for each lenses and each compartment has a separate screw on lid, they are easy to handle and store and can be used for travelling or a barrel color contact lens case which keeps the lens completely submerged in the solution.
From fun and funky, to sleek designer styling, to charming, to professional, you can have any lens cases that suits your requirements. While you can customize your lens case, you need to be careful about chosing the best lens case as they not only ensure protection of your lenses but also protection of your eyes. Hence, having an idea about what’s best for you becomes really important. Also, precautions should be taken to keep the casea clean. They should be emptied of solution, filled with fresh disinfectant solution and left to dry in the air in order to keep it clean on a daily basis. Also they should never be cleaned with tap water and should be replaced regularly. So to make your choice more easier and have a wide range to chose from check out http://optipak.net/ which offers a wide variety of lens cases to chose from and are FDA approved to ensure full protection of your lenses.

Most people who use glasses every day know to not simply use only a microfiber cloth to clean their glasses. Yet many still use their shirttail, or maybe water or a paper towel to help clean them. Here are some reasons why you should stop doing that.

If you do not use a spray, it causes friction

By far one of the biggest reasons of scratched glasses is “cleaning.” Yes, a simple swipe of your shirttail will eventually destroy your precious lenses. You may not notice it at all for a while but eventually all those little scratches end up being a big deal. First, for those of you using your shirt tail to wipe off a lens, stop now. Not only does dirt become embedded in clothing rather quickly, but also fabric softener can leave a film, and some materials just plain are not nice to plastic, and will leave sure scratches. Even using paper towels, or even toilet paper and Kleenex can also put fine scratches in a lens. You will not notice it at first, but after a year or two, many fine scratches will become evident and you will have to end up investing in a new pair.

Using the spray provides a better cleaning

A big no-no for glasses users is to never ever clean your glasses dry, no matter what type of material you may be using. Liquids act as a barrier or a lubricant, which helps reduce the friction between the cloth and your glasses, and ends up delaying the risk of scratching. Using the spray that your lens retailer provides is your best bet at reducing any further damage to your glasses.

The spray is made especially for glasses, do not use water.

The spray that they cell at your lens retailer is a spray that is specifically made for cleaning lenses. It performs a chemical cleaning and it has detergents in it that do not damage your lens layers. It is said that it is better to use the spray regularly: 2-3 times a week, but not daily. Because at an excessively use, even these specific detergents can damage the lenses coatings. It is better using the spray regularly 2-3 times a week, but not daily. Because at an excessively use, even these specific detergents can damage the lenses coatings.

Some sprays contain special substances that enhance their protection, after using them:

• Anti-fog – for fog free lenses
• Oleophobic – fats and oils are easier to clean and does not adhere to the lens
• Hydrophobic – water does not stay on the lens, drain quickly

If a contact is used throughout the duration of a day, then it can cause unnecessary stress on your eye. Every contact user probably has experienced this discomfort themselves at one point in time or another. Beyond them possibly causing your eyes to get irritated or dry from prolonged use, however, are there any consequences for using them longer than their recommend life-span? And, in all actuality, how long are contact lenses really supposed to last? A day? A week? A month? Maybe even longer, if you are really trying to stretch them out and make the most of your money?

Recommend Time

Contacts usually come with a recommend period of use. Some of them are to be used daily, while others are supposed to last for a longer period, usually around a month or so. How long you can extend their use can depend upon many factors. For example, the quality of the contact lenses themselves or the sensitivity of an individual’s eye. These are things to keep in mind when you are dealing with your own contact lenses. Know how you react to prolonged use and see if you have adverse reactions or side effects due to using them longer than the suggested time period. If you do, then you may want to change them closer to the recommend time.
But why should the period even matter? Are there any adverse reactions you may suffer because of a prolonged usage of expired contact lenses? The answer is yes, there is.

Side Effects

If you use a pair of contact lenses for longer than the suggested time, then there can be some adverse effects on your health. For instance, some contact lenses are made of material that makes it difficult for oxygen to get through and reach your eye. This can dry the eye out and cause irritation. If you wish to sleep with contacts in, or use them for a longer period of time, try to purchase contacts that are specifically designed to allow more oxygen to pass through.

Another consideration for when you use contacts for longer than there recommend time is that some contacts are comprised of material that are more prone to collecting debris. This debris can be deposits of normal components of tears, such as lipids or proteins. If this kind of build-up occurs, then infection or other types or irritants may occur. Other forms of debris can also occur, such as dirt getting stuck on the contact lens and irritating your eye as a cause.

If you have any further questions of how your contacts lenses should last, and what the consequences of them lasting too long are, then you should contact your ophthalmologist. If you wish to protect, and possibly preserve your contacts lens for longer, then visit the website for Optipak. Optipak is a UK based company that designs and manufactures contact lens cases for the international community since 1984. Visit their website today and browse their contact lens case options, where you can even get a customizable options.

As a wholesaler of contact lens, it’s important to be sure you have a wide variety of options for carrying cases. From safety to design, people will want contact lens cases for many reasons, and instead of buying them individually or specially made to order, it could save you a lot of time and money to buy them in bulk instead. In this article, you will read a few different reasons it is best to purchase from bulk contact lens case distributors instead of buying from a chain store.

Save a Ton of Money

Buying from contact lens bulk distributors know the best ways for you to be able to save money.  So when purchasing large orders, you’re likely to get a much better deal. Instead of spending the extra money on shipping and taxes each time you order a box of contact lens cases, order in bulk! You’ll save time and money and likely get a great deal! Not only that you will be able to order them in different styles for your different moods.

A Variety Of Designs and Styles

When you are ordering individually or smaller orders, you are less likely to have the variety your clientele is searching for! If you are ordering  contact lens cases in bulk, you have the option of choosing from an array of colors, designs, and even different styles! This will make ensure you that you will see more consumers coming into your business instead of ordering from a different stores, one that doesn’t carry as any options. Not to mention making sure you hold different brands of cases, for the picky shopper who knows exactly what they want.  When you do this, you open up your profit margin, because everyone needs something in every color, why not make it their contact lens case?

There are Many Pro’s and Con’s to Having Cases

The pro’s to carrying contact lens cases are simple; you will see hundreds of people in a day who wear contacts, which means you will see hundreds of people in a day who may need a new contact lens cases! After all every contact lens wearer needs something to keep them safe when they are not wearing them. You will want to carry a bunch of styles, colors, designs, and brands;  while this may seem costly at first, it really opens you up for a greater profit margin. Just like glasses, people will be very specific with what they are carrying their eye wear in, even if it is just contact lens. So when you are considering buying bulk contact lens cases, consider it no longer! It is the best decision you could make.

The con’s? While it may be a little more costly up front to buy in bulk than you were initially planning, you can always check for great sales and deals, and always remember that by buying in bulk and stocking a large variety, you are opening up your margin for profit, so the initial blow to the pocket will be softened in the long run. There are almost no cons, whatsoever.

Everyone Loves Free Samples

Buying contact lens cases in bulk means having them when you really need them. If you sell contact lens, there’s a chance you may give samples. After all ,if you are giving someone a sample of contacts, you have to give them somewhere to store the contacts! Besides if you give them samples of the cases you carry, chances are they are going to want to purchase a case for their contacts that are more their style. Now in these scenarios, you naturally don’t want to give away your expensive cases, and if those are the only cases you’ve ordered and have on hand, then what? This is where ordering in bulk will really come in handy. If you’ve ordered come cheap contact lens cases in bulk, you’ll be able to give a sample case for your sample lens and not have to worry about taking a hit to the pocket when doing so.  This also promotes good business practice and great business reviews. When people know that you have cared enough for them to give them something, they will more than likely continue to return to you for the rest of their products and purchases, again further opening your profit margin in the future. Whether it’s today, yesterday or tomorrow, we could always use more money, so why lose the opportunity by not buying contact lens cases in bulk?

Safety for Their Eyes

When getting fitted for lens, it is relatively normal that some customers may not know how to place a contact lens into their eye properly, which means it’s going to take several attempts. In these trial and error processes, you want to ensure proper safety in transferring the lens. When you buy bulk contact lens cases, you’re able to fill a case with contact solution and set it out for the customer to clean the lens with each failed attempt and try again, to ensure a clean contact lens with each go at trying to get the contacts into their eyes. This can be a trying process and we want to ensure there’s no risk of infection or injury to them. Not only would that reflect poorly on your business, but it would be a poor and painful experience for the customer, so not only are bulk contact lens cases saving you money and convenience, but also a business rating!

No matter what the specific reason it is, it’s great to try new things and purchase new things from new places. Without doing this, your business may become stuck in a rut and become dry and dull. When you purchase bulk contact lens cases you open up the opportunity to try new colors, new designs, new brands, new options that were not previously introduced in your store; in turn attracting new customers, new crowds and more income.  Allow yourself the freedom to try new things, you’ll find that it’s purely beneficial to your business and your company.

If you suffer from some type of vision impairment, then you may have a contact lens. These lenses help you to see better. However, without proper care they can get damaged. Did you know that your contacts take special accessories to keep them in good working shape and order? There are a number of contact lens accessories that you can buy online at the convenience of your fingertips. In addition, to the ease of buying online, they are also cheap so you will not have to break the bank while doing it.

Why You Should Have a Cases

If you want to keep your vision clear then you need to be able to properly store your contacts while not in use. One of the most popular contact lens accessories you can buy is that of a lens case. These cases come in a variety of different colors and designs. Therefore, no matter what style you are into you will be able to find one that will fit your needs and wants.

The main benefit to owning a case for your contacts it to keep them moist, so that they don’t dry up and are no longer usable. However, like many contact lens accessories you can buy online, they provide you with several benefits. One of those being that, by using a case you are also protecting your lens from scratches and debris as well.

Try Using Case Bumpers

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it is easy to understand that the products we keep with us on a daily basis can encounter constant wear a tear. However, it is important that we take care of the stuff that is important to use. This includes our contact lens and contact lens accessories, like cases. That is why Optipak has offered contact users the option of purchasing bumpers to go around their cases. Not only do these bumpers prevent the cases from opening, but they also keep them safeguarded while they are in your purse, pocket, or even brief case.

The Options of Contact Barrels

While you have the option of your basic flat cases, many people find they have issues with them. You have to keep track of 2 lids, keep both sides filled with solutions, and keep it stored in a safe location on a flat surface. The softpac barrel case comes with a spring loaded basket so that you no longer have a need for the clips. This also is just one location for both lens’. Therefore, you don’t need to keep track of so many pieces and you will be able to store it in a location convenient for you. These barrels come in several eye catching colors and designs.

If you are looking to buy accessories online, then look no further that Optipak. They specialize in all things contact lens related. If you have any questions on what product and design is best for you, feel free to contact them.

It is essential that when you have contact lenses, you are choosing the right case for them. It is okay if you are having trouble picking out a case because most people do. You will find that there are a number of different types of cases available and it can be quite confusing if you do not know what you are looking for or if you do not know what type of lenses you are wearing.

Your contact lens case is an important part of your eye care as it helps keep your lenses protected from the outside world. If your lens becomes scratched or even if a piece of dirt gets on it, it will cause irritation on your eye. In addition, the smallest thing can cause your contact lens to tear. Your lens case will help provide a protective barrier for your lens and keep it from becoming damaged.

Placing a damaged contact lens in your eye can lead to eye infection, irritation, and scratching of your eye ball. It is essential that you are using a solution with your contact lens case to ensure that the lens is disinfected and cleaned properly every time you put the lenses away.

In addition to protecting your contact from dirt and tears, your contact lens case will help keep them moist. If your contacts become too dry, they will shrivel up and become brittle. If you have never experienced this, once the contact lens itself dries out, it is no longer able to go in your eye and you must replace them.

Lastly, a contact lens case will allow you to travel with your contact. This plays hand in hand with keeping the contacts moist as well. When you need to travel somewhere, the case allows you to easily transport your lenses with you and keep them safe and wet at the same time.

When you are choosing a contact lens case, make sure you pick one that is going to house your lenses safely inside. Choosing the wrong case can lead to problems with leaking and sometimes you cannot properly clean your contacts if the wrong case is chosen. If you need help choosing a case for your lenses, speak with your optometrist. He or she will be able to give you recommendations based on your needs.

Some people, for whatever reason (though it is a lot more exciting to think that these reasons are of the adventurous and exploratory kind), turn from using glasses to using contact lenses. Though it may appear like a good move, and easier because who actually likes having to adjust their glasses every time it slides down the bridge of their nose? However, it’s difficult to care for your contact lenses as you usually would when you’re travelling, especially if you’re venturing somewhere where the climate is vastly different from what you’re used to. This could actually affect your contact lenses, so it is important that you adjust accordingly. The one thing that you must remain consistent with when traveling with contact lenses is to keep them clean.

Just because you’re taking a vacation, doesn’t mean your routine has to as well. Nothing about the mechanics of your routine should fundamentally change. Do not leave them on longer than you should, do not neglect your cleaning duties, and do not “forget” to wash your hands before handling them. One of the biggest mistakes people make is getting lazy with their routine because they’re on vacation. Like it or not, the only time your eyes should rest is when you sleep.

If you’re going to go swimming, remember that you aren’t in your home, where the water is most likely cleaner. You are somewhere else, you are swimming in people’s sweat and bacteria, and that is not something you want being trapped in your contact lenses. Take them off before you indulge yourself in any activities that might affect your contact lenses directly or mess with your vision.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that this whole care routine begins even before you leave for your marked destination. Be aware that some places have strict rules about liquids and how you carry them, so if you want to be able to keep your cleaner and soaking solution, be smart about how you package them. Usually liquid items or bottle containers aren’t allowed on carry on bags, so put them in your suitcase for safekeeping. You can also try putting it in a separate bag where security can see for themselves that you’re completely harmless, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping this in mind, you should have a backup! Some people travel thinking everything is going to be peachy fine, and then their contacts are damaged, or they lose their cleaner or soaking solution, or they forget to take it off one night and they spend the entire day in the hotel room agonizing about a lost adventure. Besides setting a reminder for yourself to take off your contact lenses, also carry a pair of glasses with you in case you aren’t able to use your contact lenses anymore.

Yes, you did switch to contacts for a reason, but accidents happen, and would you rather miss an amazing view for the sake of not wanting to wear glasses? Life can be so much more than a superficial statement.

If trouble arises, don’t be afraid to seek help. You don’t want to end up blind, do you?

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