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British design and manufacturer of contact lens cases

Optipak’s daily lens cases areideal for storing and carrying daily contact lens blisters when travelling. Each one holds 5 days worth of daily lenses, and is compatible with all lens blisters on the market.

Optipak’s DigiCase with reminder timer has been designed exclusively with the regular lens wearer in mind. The unique electronic reminder that comes with this contact lens travel case has a 14 and 30 day program set which will prompt you as and when your lenses need to be replaced.

The Optipak original, best-selling contact lens case is considered a classic! First manufactured in 1984, this was the first travel lens case of its kind in the world. It features an integral mirror and soaking case, along with simple shaping and a decorative badge on the lid.

You can also order eye-catching POS displays, holding 12 pcs each.


i-pak genuine leather casescome in stylish, plain and printed colours, with a pull tag for easy access. Each case includes a mirror and soaking case.

You can also order eye-catching POS displays, holding 12 pcs each.

Optipak’s NEW bumper lens cases offer the ultimate in lens protection. Made from tough, flexible, hi-tech material, Optipak’s NEW bumper lens cases include a flat soaking case, integral mirror and carry strap.

You can also order eye-catching POS displays.

Optipak produced a Specsavers branded flat topped DigiCase for us as a promotions giveaway. The campaign was really well received and the service from Optipak was extremely professional. Thank you.
Werner Ingram - MarketingSpecsavers SA
Optipak produced a fully customised and branded DigiCase for our Spanish and Portuguese markets which was produced and delivered well within our specified budget and time line.
Luis Martinez - MarketingGeneral & Mias Optical
Optipak answered our brief accuratly and were able to provide us with a fully customised and branded retail pack for our Acuvue Oasys brand which was extremely well recieved by our customer base.
S Kavvalos - key accountsJohnson & Johnson Vison
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