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British design and manufacturer of contact lens cases

Optipak’s CyClean barrel case features an unique rotating cap which can be used to create a vortex for cleaner lenses.

Optipak’s unique Opticase barrel case divides for easy lens handling. Opticase is suitable for both hard and gas permeable contact lenses.

You can also order eye-catching POS displays, holding 12 units each.

The Optipak Softpac classic barrel case has spring-loaded baskets to eliminate the need for basket retaining clips. Softpac cases are available in a great range of high impact, opaque and translucent colours.

You can also order eye-catching POS displays, holding 12 units each.

Optipak, Universal budget barrel cases offer a range different fill volumes – 6.25ml, 7ml, 8ml and 10ml.

Optipak 6.25ml and 7ml Universal barrel cases are used with normal multipurpose solution. The vented 8ml and 10ml versions are designed for use with one-step peroxide systems that generate gas, either via a neutralising tablet or with a neutralising platinum disc.

Optipak produced a Specsavers branded flat topped DigiCase for us as a promotions giveaway. The campaign was really well received and the service from Optipak was extremely professional. Thank you.
Werner Ingram - MarketingSpecsavers SA
Optipak produced a fully customised and branded DigiCase for our Spanish and Portuguese markets which was produced and delivered well within our specified budget and time line.
Luis Martinez - MarketingGeneral & Mias Optical
Optipak answered our brief accuratly and were able to provide us with a fully customised and branded retail pack for our Acuvue Oasys brand which was extremely well recieved by our customer base.
S Kavvalos - key accountsJohnson & Johnson Vison
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