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Most contact lens wearers have accidentally fallen asleep with their lenses in, only to remember in the morning when they wake up with sore, itchy eyes. But here are some reasons why you should really avoid doing so. Lack of oxygen When you close your eyelids, the amount of oxygen supplied to your eyes is […]

The new school year has just begun and one thing parents up and down the country should be doing as well as ironing new school uniform and buying stationery is getting their children’s eyes tested. This comes after the College of Optometrists recently released research that showed more than a quarter of children have never […]

If you love watching your weekly game of football, you now have another excuse to catch your favourite sport – because it could help save your eyesight. This is according to laser eye surgeon Dr David Allamby, who claimed watching sport in a busy environment in the daylight boosts the production of dopamine, which has […]

A study released last week (August 18th) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlighted the risks taken by contact lens wearers who do not follow the instructions of their optician. Of the 1,075 reports of contact lens-related infection reported to the Food and Drug Administration, almost one-fifth resulted in loss of visual […]

One of the biggest health fears for Americans is losing their eyesight, with 88 per cent saying good vision was vital to their general wellbeing. In a survey of more than 2,000 respondents commissioned by non-profit health organisation, Research!America, 47 per cent said losing their vision would impose the biggest impact on their lives. Indeed, […]

If you’ve been enjoying playing Pokemon Go over the last couple of weeks and really can’t get enough of roaming around your local area, hunting for little imaginary creatures, then you’ll likely get a kick out of this latest news report. According to the Daily Mail, chief executive of Niantic Labs John Hanke is keen […]

An increasing number of young people in Vietnam may be looking for contact lens cases in the future after it was revealed that half of all students in the country are short-sighted. A survey by the Central Eye Hospital in Vietnam reported that more and more youngsters are suffering from poor eyesight, as a result […]

Glasses will always have their place but it certainly seems as though contact lenses are growing in popularity, at least in the UK where new research has revealed that around one in 12 adults now wear lenses.ix per cent from the year before. What’s more, the number of wearers grew by four per cent between […]

Protecting your eye health is paramount and if you wear contact lenses, you’ll need to be a bit more vigilant in this regard than someone who just wears glasses instead. Dr Sumitra Khandelwal from Baylor College of Medicine in the US has just reminded contact lens wearers about the importance of taking extra care when […]

It can be difficult at first to tell if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses, which is why it’s important that you have your eyes tested at least once a year so you can be assured of your optical health. If you think you might be short-sighted (also known as myopia), you’ll likely […]