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Knowing you’ve got your contact lens cases close at hand in case of an eyesight related emergency is one thing knowing you need to maintain your vision , but with new advances in technology which could see contact lenses serve another health purpose, ensuring you have spares while on the go will become even more […]

Soaps are famous for addressing issues that face the public every day, and one that has caught the nation’s interest recently is the topic of going blind in old age. EastEnders, which is no stranger to controversial subjects, is currently handling a storyline involving its loveable long-term resident Dorothy Cotton. In episodes that aired earlier […]

Optometry Today reported on the latest breakthrough for Contamac, a manufacturer of contact lens materials, with the company receiving FDA approval for its Tangible HydraPEG coating. This highly specialist technology essentially makes contact lenses more wettable, by covering the company’s Optimum gas permeable material in an incredibly fine layer of polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer. More […]

The only thing in your contact lens case should be prescribed to help your vision – that’s the message from the British Contact Lens Association this week in the run-up to Halloween. Coloured contact lenses are big business in the ‘fancy dress’ industry, with hundreds of designs which party-goers look for to complete a costume […]

How many times did your parents tell you that eating carrots could help you see in the dark? Countless, of that we’re sure. But in reality, their constant naggings for you to eat your greens may actually have had a grain of truth in them after all, since it turns out that you might in […]

Children should be encouraged to spend as much time as possible outside to prevent them developing nearsightedness. This is based on research that shows the percentage of Americans aged between 12 and 54 years old suffering from nearsightedness – or myopia – has increased from 25 per cent in 1970 to 41.6 per cent in […]

Ok, so perhaps Leonardo da Vinci didn’t quite invent the concept of contact lenses as we know them today, but he is often credited as being the one who came up with the original idea, way back in 1508 and his Codex of the eye, Manual D. In this worthy tome, the Renaissance painter described […]

An entrepreneur in Hong Kong has pioneered a new campaign to address the global issue regarding poor eye sight and help those without access to eye care to improve their vision. The Clearly mission was launched in April this year and is looking for technologies, experts and ideas to help the 2.5 billion people who […]

Most people want to maintain good eyesight. However, few are aware that drinking too much alcohol or having a bad diet could have a detrimental impact on their vision, and could result in them needing contact lens cases prematurely. In an Optegra survey of more than 2,000 people, only 21 per cent said they regular […]

Today marks the beginning of National Eye Health Week (NEHW), which has been set up to highlight the importance of looking after eye health and having frequent eyesight tests. NEHW is taking place between September 19th and 25th, with many eye care charities and organisations around the country getting involved in the event to promote […]