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New Contact Lenses Can Tackle Digital Eye Fatigue

Posted by Optipak_Admin | January 01, 2017

We’ve all had those days where our eyes feel tired after staring at a screen all day – not just at work, but on our phones on the way home, using a tablet, and even just watching TV.

Now one company has developed contact lenses especially to help with what’s become known as digital eye fatigue – when your eyes become tired, dry and red after too long looking at screens.

CooperVisionhas released a monthly wear lens – Biofinity Energys – that have a special Digital Zone Optics lens design.

This particular breakthrough stimulates what’s known as positive power at the centre of the lens, which helps reduce the strain on the eyes’ ciliary muscles as you shift your gaze on and off screen.

The other element of these contact lenses that makes them special is the company’s Aquaform Technology, which helps the eyes retain moisture, thereby stopping eyes from becoming too dry.

Eight out of ten people who were given the new contact lenses reported less eye tiredness after one week of wear with the Biofinity Energys lenses.

One early adopter of the new contact lenses, Cameron Carlsted, said: “I have no strain or fatigue throughout the work day. At the end of the day my eyes still feel fresh.”

Dr Michele Andrews, senior director of professional and academic affairs, North America for CooperVision, explained that asking people to change their behaviour with screens is unrealistic, which is why they developed lenses to reduce the strain.

Research published by Ofcom 2015 found that screen time among internet users aged 16 and above had more than doubled in a decade, rising from an average of ten hours a week in 2005 to over 20.5 hours in 2014.

If you decide to invest in some of these new contact lenses for the digital age, make sure you have a suitable contact lens case to protect them when you’re not wearing them.