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Campaign Launched To Help World See ‘Clearly’

Posted by Optipak_Admin | October 10, 2016

An entrepreneur in Hong Kong has pioneered a new campaign to address the global issue regarding poor eye sight and help those without access to eye care to improve their vision.

The Clearly mission was launched in April this year and is looking for technologies, experts and ideas to help the 2.5 billion people who have untreated poor eye sight receive help.

According to the Clearly campaign, 80 per cent of these people would be able to see properly simply by being given a pair of glasses.

Founder of Clearly James Chen said: “It’s time to apply the type of innovation that powers Tesla, the efficiency that drives Amazon and the brand of ingenuity that runs Google – to our eyes.”

Together with eye specialists, he hopes to ensure everyone in the world can see well by 2035, the year that NASA intends to send humans to Mars – a feat that, to Mr Chen, seems far more improbable than helping the whole world see.

While three-quarters of the UK need help with their vision, many people in under-developed nations are losing out by not having access to eye care.

Mr Chen told Tech World that western societies have become used to a model of healthcare where there are expensive shops, glasses, machines and highly skilled professionals. However, after launching a programme called Vision for a Nation in Rwanda in 2009, people in the African country can now buy glasses for $1.50 (£1.15) or access them free with government funding.

Rwanda also makes use of drone delivery for medical supplies, which Mr Chen believes could also be used to send eye care to those who need it, making it far easier and quicker for those with vision problems to get their glasses or contact lens cases when they need it.