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Could Watching Football Improve Eyesight?

Posted by Optipak_Admin | September 09, 2016

If you love watching your weekly game of football, you now have another excuse to catch your favourite sport – because it could help save your eyesight.

This is according to laser eye surgeon Dr David Allamby, who claimed watching sport in a busy environment in the daylight boosts the production of dopamine, which has a variety of benefits.

The clinical director at London’s Focus Clinic told the Daily Express: “Research has shown that you can get an additional dopamine surge – over and above what’s naturally created – through watching your favourite football team, or any sport for that matter, when they’re playing well.”

He added this chemical is “vital for healthy eye growth”.

Those who do not expose themselves to enough daylight have a limited amount of dopamine, which can lead to short-sightedness. This can result in other eye illnesses over time, such as a detached retina and glaucoma.

Dr Daniel Ezra, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, went further by telling the news provider people should be exposed to watching sport in natural light at a young age, as eyes stop growing in adolescence.

Therefore, parents who have bad eyesight and have long relied on their contact lens cases to protect their visual aids, may be inclined to take their children to a local football match every Saturday to improve their vision in the future.

This follows research, published in JAMA Ophthalmology, which showed 88 per cent of Americans are afraid of losing their eyesight, as they regard being able to see clearly as essential to their general health.