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Could Pokemon Go Contact Lenses Become A Reality?

Posted by Optipak_Admin | August 08, 2016

If you’ve been enjoying playing Pokemon Go over the last couple of weeks and really can’t get enough of roaming around your local area, hunting for little imaginary creatures, then you’ll likely get a kick out of this latest news report.

According to the Daily Mail, chief executive of Niantic Labs John Hanke is keen to create contact lenses that will help make Pokemon Go even more realistic for gamers.

These lenses would work by projecting images onto the real world so you’ll be able to see your animated characters without having to pick up your phone in order to do so.

Speaking to the LA Times, Mr Hanke said: “’I’m a science-fiction fan so I want the contact lenses that transform everything into whatever kind of themed world I want it to be. I think a lot of people see that archetype as something that we’d like to have and it’s probably going to get created within our lifetime and I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Given that people have actually been hit by cars while crossing the road in order to catch Pokemon, having a pair of contact lenses that allows them to look where they’re going while still playing the game certainly seems like a good idea to us here at Optipak!

Whether they become a reality or not, however, one thing will always remain the same – you’ll still need contact lens cases to help protect them from dirt and debris when they’re not being worn. Check out our website if you’re in need of a new case for yours.