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50% Of Students In Vietnam Are Short-Sighted

Posted by Optipak_Admin | July 07, 2016

An increasing number of young people in Vietnam may be looking for contact lens cases in the future after it was revealed that half of all students in the country are short-sighted.

A survey by the Central Eye Hospital in Vietnam reported that more and more youngsters are suffering from poor eyesight, as a result of spending most of their time inside as opposed to enjoying outdoor activities.

Schoolwork, reading books, using computers or smart phones, and watching television have all contributed to more children requiring glasses and contact lenses, with as much as 80 per cent of students in Vietnam’s big cities suffering from short-sightedness.

Dr Nguyen Duc Cuong said children aged between seven and 13 are most likely to feel the impact of these indoor activities on their eyes.

Father of a ten-year-old child Le Minh Quoc added: “Today is Saturday, but many parents take their children [to Ha Noi Eye Hospital] for a medical examination. I can’t believe so many children nowadays have become short-sighted.”

As well as children not having enough time outdoors, it is thought the ambient light in classrooms is not bright enough and could lead to poor eyesight among youngsters.

Parents whose kids are about to begin their summer holidays might include plenty of outdoor activities over the next few weeks to help them with their eyesight.

Simply spending time in natural daylight and away from electronic devices, such as smart phones, games consoles, computers, tablets and television screens could help. While reading should always be encouraged, it is important your little one also has time away from their books to give their eyes a rest.