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Three Reasons Never to Leave Without Your Contact Lens Travel Case

Posted by Optipak_Admin | January 01, 2016

Are you going on a trip or a journey of some sort? Are you simply leaving the house for a few minutes to go and buy something from the store? Even if you are making a short journey, it is crucial to bring your contact lens travel case with you whenever you leave the house. You never know what could happen while you’re out, after all.
1. Your Contacts Might Start Bothering You
It is fairly easy for contacts to become dry while they are in your eye. When the contacts get dry, they make your eyes itch. When you rub your eyes due to the itchiness, the contact lenses move. When the contact lenses move, they hurt and irritate your eye while also drying out even more than they were before. You will need to take your contact lenses out and sterilize them, so make sure you have your contact lenses case with you so that you can do that.
2. Your Contacts Could Fall Out
If one of your contacts happens to fall out and you don’t know where it went or how it fell out, then you will have to take the other contact lenses out so that you can put your glasses on. Having your contact lense case with you would be a really good thing at times like these. You don’t want to go walking around half blind, after all.
3. You Might Fall Asleep With Them On
Falling asleep with contacts on can be the worst feeling that you ever experience. Not only does it give you a headache when you wake up, but your contacts might also stick to your eyes or dry out so much that they crumple up. You will definitely want to take your contacts out once you wake up and change to glasses. Let the contacts sit in the sanitizing solution for a good three or so hours before attempting to put them back in.
If you fall asleep for an extended period of time, your eyes might be really red when you wake up. Wash your eyes out with cold water once you take your contacts out and just rest them for a little while. The redness should go away within a few hours. Do not put your contacts back in until your eyes are back to their normal hue.
Keeping your contact lens travel case on you at all times is super important. You never know when you might have to take your contacts out in an emergency. If you take them out and you don’t have a case to put them in, then you might have to throw that pair of contacts out and use a new one when you get back home. It is never fun to throw out a pair of contacts, especially if they are long-term contacts. Avoid the expensive replacement and just bring your contact lens travel case with you. You will be a lot happier and safer in the long run.