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How a Microfiber Cloth Keeps Glasses Clean

Posted by Optipak_Admin | December 12, 2015

Glasses can be a real pain to maintain over time. Wearing them every day can certainly damage them, but not keeping the lenses clean could damage them even more. If you have poor eyesight and are required to wear glasses for whatever reason, you must keep your lenses clean. Dirty lenses could lead to poor or worsening vision problems, physical injuries and a list of other things that could affect your wellbeing. If you want to know how to clean your glasses the right way, then read on to find out why you should use a microfiber cloth to do so.
Microfiber Cloths Get Dirt Out Quickly
Using a microfiber cloth to quickly rub the lenses of your glasses will get all or most of the dirt out. Microfiber cloths are designed to be efficient for lens wearers because of how quickly they get the job done. Ask your local eye doctor about microfiber cloths and if you can get one for your glasses.
They Come Free With Each Prescription
For every pair of glasses you get, depending on who your eye doctor is, you will get a free microfiber cloth to clean your glasses with. Lens cloths are essential to maintaining your glasses over time and preventing excessive wear and damage to them. Cleaning your glasses is just as efficient in protecting the lenses as any other protective measure. Too much dirt on your lenses could cause you to trip and fall and damage your glasses.
Try Not to Overclean Your Glasses
It might seem like it is impossible to overclean something, but with glasses, anything is possible. Wiping your glasses off when nothing is there could lead to scratches or some other form of damage. Although microfiber cloths are soft, they are designed to take dirt and other things off of your glasses. Therefore, they have some type of pull on them that allows them to take the dirt off.
If you try to clean your glasses when they aren’t dirty, the microfiber cloth might scratch your glasses or cause some type of damage to your glasses. You should clean your glasses once in the morning before you go out and once at night when you take them off. This way, your glasses are always clean and ready to wear. Don’t clean them during the day unless something gets on them.
Microfiber cloths are easy to use and to obtain. All you have to do is ask for a cloth from your local eye doctor or, if you are getting a new prescription, a cloth will come free with your glasses. Use the microfiber cloth regularly to keep your glasses stain and dirt free, but make sure not to use it too often. You could wear out the cloth and make it harder to clean the glasses, resulting in unwanted scratches and damage to the lens of the glasses. If you clean your glasses regularly with the microfiber cloth, you should not have a hard time keeping your glasses clean at all.