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Why You Need FDA Approved Contact Lens Case

Posted by Optipak_Admin | November 11, 2015

Millions of people use contact lenses for vision correction needs. They provide flexibility and convenience and can be used to correct a number of visual disorders. It is important to keep them in a contact lens case when not in use or when sleeping. Hence, it becomes important to take care of lenses in order to protect your eyes. It is important to have a clean contact lens case, which will in turn keep your contact lenses clean and your eyes healthy. Many people choose to buy a cheap contact lens case instead of buying one that is more durable and keeping the case for years. Hence, a lot of precautions should be used while taking care of your lenses and having a lens case is one of them. The FDA recommended rinsing the contact lens case with a disinfecting solution and leaving it to air-dry, hollow side (“face”) down. Only FDA approved contact lenses should be used in order to ensure good care of your lenses. If you are using lenses, you maybe concerned with taking care of them and why do you need FDA approved contact lens case.
1. Protection of lenses
The lens case help protect your lens from getting dry and deteriorating. They help keep the lenses clean. It also prevents dirt and other irritants from getting into your lenses and eyes. They also prevent lenses from getting scratches which can later cause irritation to eyes and also ensure longer durability of lenses. They also make travelling with lenses easier as you can store the lenses in them to protect them from sunlight and other dirt particles.
2. Protection from eye infections
Severe infections constitute a recurring issue, due mostly to patient carelessness or ignorance. Unclean and dirty lenses are a source of many bacterial infections. Keeping the lenses in open or uncleaned Cases causes bacteria to sit on them over night causing irritation on eyes and clouding your vision. These bacteria can also cause infections which are dangerous for the eyes and in some cases can also lead to blindness.
3. Keeping Eyes Healthy
For lens wearers keeping lenses clean is equivalent to Keeping eyes healthy. Lens cases help you achieve that. The lens cases must be emptied of solution, rinsed with fresh disinfectant solution and left to dry on a daily basis as microbes cannot multiply in dty places. They should also be replaces on a regular basis. They not only provide a storage space but also protect them from dust particles and infection causing bacteria. Also they help minimize discomfort caused by lenses and ensure a long their long duration. Having a durable and clean contact lens case with you at all times is important in case of an emergency.
Compliance with the recommended contact lens care steps ensures long-term, successful contact lens wear for both eyecare practitioners and patients. Lens protection is vital as it helps keep your eyes safe. It also provide a place To store your lenses and help protect your eyes from bacteria. For more information on need for lens cases checkout http://optipak.net/ ensure proper care for your eyes.